Hearing in Senate Soon for Idaho Bill Banning Boys from Girls Sports!

It’s been a whirlwind of a legislative session in Idaho.

A number of hot-button issues have come before the legislature.

One of those issues deals with transgender problems facing the country today.

Three different bills have been proposed this year. Two of them are still working their way through the legislature.

HB 500, which would ban boys from girls sports, has a hearing in the Idaho Senate State Affairs Committee on Monday, March 9th.

You can expect another packed house as the LGBT community tries to shut the bill down.

If you want to send an email in support of the bill, you can email the entire Senate State Affairs Committee at sstaf@senate.idaho.gov.

Recently, a female who competes as a boy on the U.S. Triathlon team, visited Boise to lead a protest against the bill.

Chris Mosier is sponsored by Nike and said Idaho’s HB 500 is the worst in the country.

Of course, Chris probably hasn’t stood face to face with the girls in Connecticut who have lost championships because of two boys who beat them. Nor has Chris probably stood face to face with women who are losing weightlifting championships because of men.

The problem of boys competing as girls and dominating their sports is a growing trend. 

Many of the people who testified against the HB 500 said it isn’t a problem in Idaho.

That’s kind of the goal with a bill like HB 500. We don’t want to wait until we have a problem in Idaho before we act.

Rep. Ehardt, the bill’s sponsor, on the House floor several weeks ago talked about an issue in Idaho that almost did become a problem.

She mentioned that a high school boy wanted to compete on the girl’s team but ended up changing his mind.

What if that boy had decided to play on the girl’s team? It will only take one case for Idahoans to be upset that something didn’t happen before it becomes a problem.

With Governor Little being wishy-washy on the issue, it’s important that you speak out now if you want this to pass.

That starts with an email to the Senate State Affairs Committee right away!

Then, if you can attend the hearing on Monday morning, be sure to get there and show your support.

The hearing will start bright and early on Monday morning at 8:00 a.m. in West Wing Room 55.




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