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We exist to Keep Idaho Free from the progressive insanity that is, state by state, taking over this country.

We believe that the madness must be stopped NOW or it will be forever too late. Washington, Oregon, and Colorado have fallen. Nevada, Montana, and Arizona are not far behind. Idaho is the last stand for free people to fight back against liberal lunacy.

Join Us as we work to preserve The Last Hope for a Free World!


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Latest News

Communist Sculpture Erected in Idaho? Yes!

There is a rather large uproar in northern Idaho right now over a piece of “art” that was erected bearing the hammer and sickle of the Soviet Union. This “art” …

3 Bold Ideas to Keep Idaho Free!

There is no doubt that Idaho is changing. We are the fastest-growing state in the country. The urban areas of our state are seeing a massive number of newcomers. Some …

The Social Justice Agenda is too Divisive and Expensive

Guest Editorial by Victoria Mayer, Boise State College Republicans President I recently organized a campus debate, “The Future of American Higher Education” regarding diversity and inclusion programs at Boise State …