About Us

Keep Idaho Free is owned and operated by Greg Pruett.

Greg has been active in Idaho politics for over ten years. He started his journey by founding the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance, Idaho’s only no compromise 2nd Amendment organization. Greg is determined to fight the liberal agenda in Idaho, no matter who is pushing it. He wanted to expand his efforts in the fight to save Idaho outside of just the 2nd Amendment and that’s why he began Keep Idaho Free.

What is Keep Idaho Free all about?

We exist to Keep Idaho Free from the evil progressive agenda that seeks to destroy our state, no matter which political party is pushing it.

We believe that the madness must be stopped NOW or it will be forever too late. Washington, Oregon, and Colorado have fallen. Nevada, Montana, and Arizona are not far behind. Idaho is the last stand for free people to fight back against liberal lunacy. Fighting the liberal agenda is going to take thousands of Idahoans actively entrenched in a war to save our liberty.

Satan is pushing the destruction of family, faith, liberty, and all of us individually. We must stand up and speak for truth and righteousness.

Join Us as we work to preserve The Last Hope for a Free World!

Latest News

Idaho Supreme Court Gun Case is Monumental

On February 8th, the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance, Second Amendment Foundation, and the two clients we represent, State Sen. Scott Herndon (R-Sandpoint) and Jeff Avery, argued our case before the …