Freedom Bros Episode 2: Brain Holmes’ (KTVB) Left-Wing Blogging and Idaho’s Terrible Media

The 2nd episode of the Freedom Bros podcast is officially out!

While we were not able to go live for this episode, we had a great time talking about the depraved state of Idaho’s legacy media. Additionally, we discuss Brian Holmes (KTVB) and his latest terrible blogging hit piece from “The 208” in which he attacked conservatives in Idaho once again.

Join myself and Dustin Hurst as we ramp up our efforts to bring Idahoans an Idaho-centric podcast focused on the 2024 election cycle and more. We have more incredible content in the works so stay tuned.

Also, below the 2nd episode of the podcast is our new Freedom Bros podcast intro video that you won’t want to miss!


Image Source of Brian Holmes from his Twitter account profile image.

11 thoughts on “Freedom Bros Episode 2: Brain Holmes’ (KTVB) Left-Wing Blogging and Idaho’s Terrible Media

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