Idaho Liberals Mobilize to Vote in Republican Primary, Force Liberal Voting Methods

Ballot initiatives will be the death of Idaho.

Ballot initiatives are used almost exclusively by liberals. They have used them in California, Washington, and Oregon to push through their communist agendas and destroy those states piece by piece.

Liberals in Idaho have been using them more frequently, including pushing through Medicaid expansion, which even shocked liberal media elites.

Now, liberals in Idaho have mobilized another ballot initiative to force the Republican Party to open their primary so Democrats can vote in it.

First, I have long held the belief that if Republicans really wanted to keep the liberals out of the primary, they need to move to a caucus system. The caucus system is the best way to ensure that people who actually believe in the Republican Party platform are actually Republicans. 

There are far too many RINOs in the Republican Party for that to ever happen in my opinion but that is the best solution, and the best way to ensure that the most conservative option moves on to the general election.

I’m a registered member, and State Vice Chairman for the Constitution Party of Idaho. Should I be allowed to vote in the Republican Primary? No, I shouldn’t. If I want to vote in their private selection process, I would need to change parties.

Why should I get to have a say in who the Republican Party chooses as it’s POTENTIAL candidate in the general election?

But that’s exactly what Democrats want to be able to do in Idaho. They want to remain affiliated with the Democrat Party AND vote in the Republican Primary.

“But Greg, in my district, the Republican nominee is going to be unchallenged in the general election and is basically the winner!”

Yeah, this is Idaho. That means it’s a heavy Republican state and you are going to have to live with that reality. If you want to live in a state where your values are extremely liberal, then move your ass to a blue state and enjoy the benefits of liberalism.

Stop trying to change Idaho into the hell hole that is California, Oregon, and Washington. People are fleeing those states in droves because of their insane policies on the 2nd Amendment, abortion, environmental initiatives, gender ideology, and more.

Idaho doesn’t want anything to do with blue-state madness.

As for this new ballot initiative, a group called “Idahoans for Open Primaries” has launched their effort to help Democrats to be able to vote in the Republican Primary. Additionally, the initiative would force Idaho to use “Ranked Choice Voting,” another favorite voting method for liberals. 

The new effort is a coalition of liberals and liberal groups such as Reclaim Idaho, North Idaho Women, the Hope Coalition, and others who are mad that Idaho isn’t as liberal as they want. So, they want to use the ballot initiative process to force us into their liberal ideology.

I remember listening to a Reclaim Idaho live stream, maybe last year or the year before, and one of the commenters had said to Luke Mayvill (Reclaim Idaho’s co-founder) that an initiative was needed to force Republicans to open their primary. Well, here we are.

In an attempt to make it look like Republicans are all for this new initiative, the groups are looking to a former Idaho “Republican” House Speaker, Bruce Newcomb. Newcomb served as Speaker for four terms and is as establishment GOP as they get.

Newcomb is also a board member for Take Back Idaho, an establishment GOP group that formed several years ago. You know, the group who also has Jim Jones as a board member. Jones is one of the biggest liberals out there, and has actively encouraged Democrats to vote in the Republican Primary by switching party affiliation.

What Newcomb and other liberal Republicans don’t realize, or maybe they do, is that they are nothing but pawns for the liberal Democrats who are the puppet masters for these projects.

Once these Democrats have power, do you think they are going to be “nice” to you? Do you think they are going to “work with” you? No. Not a chance.

Look at what Democrats in blue states along the west coast do. They destroy their enemies at every single turn. 

Newcomb and other liberal Republicans are working hand in hand with these Democrats because they think we are all going to live happily ever after in some political utopia.

Democrats in Idaho, especially the activist ones, are going to use our laws against us until they have the power, and then they’ll put their feet on your throats in turning Idaho blue as quickly as possible.

Idaho’s liberals are not your friends.

Idaho’s liberals will destroy everything you believe in given the chance. You must treat their insane ideology like the plague that is is.

We don’t want an Idaho where we are killing babies, banning your right to self-defense, dumping an endless supply of money into a failed education system, and chopping off the body parts of minors. Hard pass on all of it.

As for Ranked Choice Voting, I’m not going to hash that out here, but you can read all the reasons it is awful with this piece put together by The Heritage Foundation.

Conservatives in Idaho need to mobilize NOW to fight against this new dangerous initiative. This initiative would be a huge blow to conservatives in Idaho. 

Say no to open primaries and no to Ranked Choice Voting!

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    We already have a democrat mayor in Boise! A deer in the headlights!

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