Jesus and Transgenders: What Would He Do?

A loved one asked me recently “What would Jesus do” in the context of a family member who is struggling with the transgender issue.

The family member who is struggling is a minor. Some family members are “affirming” this individual’s “new” gender, while myself and some others are not. I believe all of my family members want what is best for this individual. So, nothing I say here is out of malice towards those who may disagree with me.

But, when the question of Jesus arose, I was kind of surprised, because it came across as more of ridicule than a genuine question of what does Jesus want us to do with this dilemma.

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What do I believe Jesus would do with individuals who are struggling with so-called “gender identity” problems?

First, I must say that I firmly believe in the battle between good and evil. And not just that there are good deeds and bad deeds in the world, but I firmly believe that there are angels, led by God, trying to help us do good and there are evil spirits, led by the Devil, who are trying to destroy us both spiritually and physically.

From that belief, we must acknowledge that the Devil’s sole purpose is to destroy anything God loves. God loves us as individuals and has created families as a way to keep us strong. Adam and Eve were husband and wife and both were commanded to multiply and replenish the Earth. 

By destroying our families, which society has done very well over the last 70 years, the Devil can then focus on tearing apart each of us individually. By convincing individuals that they were “born in the wrong body,” the Devil can turn us from our unique identity that God gave us, even before we were born.

That’s why I believe Satan has used the transgender issue, in connection with a social contagion, to turn God’s children away from who they are.

Now that the family unit is on the ropes, Satan can continue to destroy your self identity. He can convince you that this mental issue you are dealing with is God’s fault. You then turn on God and lose your faith in a higher power.

That brings us to the current state of our social structure, with a massive amount of people, especially our youth, who are identifying as “transgender.” This issue was so rare just a few years ago that we called it a mental disorder, which it still is, but now, rather than treating it, we are “affirming” it.

Some individuals want to show love to these individuals who they care about, and their concern with telling them the truth is that these kids will hate them if they don’t affirm their mental disorder.

I think all of us can understand and empathize with wanting to show love for our family members. But is it helping if we are lying to them about it?

As for what Jesus would do, I think we can look to the scriptures for an answer.

First, Jesus would not lie to someone. He told the truth and always told it, no matter what.

So, I believe that Jesus would show kindness and compassion to the individual struggling with their mental issues, or whatever the burden may be. He would give them a hug and let them know that he loves them. 

Jesus would likely cast out any evil spirits who are influencing that individual or heal whatever infirmities that may have. Then, Jesus would tell them to go and “sin no more.”

When Christ was on Earth he made it clear that he wasn’t here to condemn people, but offer forgiveness for their sins because he was going to be the Great Mediator with the Father for us. He would bear the pain of our iniquities.

If you remember the story of the adulteress that the pharisees brought to the temple where Jesus was teaching, they asked Jesus what he thought they should do to her. Jesus told them that if they were without sin that they could cast the first stone. 

When the group of men left, none having not committed sin, Jesus told the woman that he did not condemn her either, but to “go, and sin no more.” Jesus loved the adulteress. He didn’t love her sins, but loved her because she is a child of God.

Jesus didn’t affirm the adulteresses actions, but told her she was forgiven and not to do it anymore.

Jesus was criticized many times for dining with sinners. He wasn’t doing that because he was okay with what they were doing, but said that the sick need a physician, not those who were healthy. Jesus knew that he was here to help the sinners (that’s all of us) and that he could help get them back on a good path which would lead them to salvation.

Perhaps I am wrong in what Jesus would do, but the scriptures indicate that he would tell the truth, show compassion, and heal the individual who is suffering. That’s the Jesus that we all know, love, respect, and admire.

I’m not here to judge anyone’s sins because I am far from perfect. Only God can judge us on the things we have done, or have not done. I know that we must speak truth and we must stand up for what’s right. 

My concern with the transgender debate is that we will make it much worse by not speaking out, by affirming the lie that gender can be changed, and we will ruin an entire generation with life-altering surgeries and drugs.

We must stand against this evil just as we must stand against all evil.

I hope and pray that God can heal those who need healing, comfort those who need comfort, and help those in need of His help. 



Note: Thumbnail image on the right is from LDS Bible video 

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