Gov. Little Signs All Three Controversial Bills!

Well, Gov. Little has had quite the limelight with the Chinese Coronavirus.

Shockingly, his decisions on the “stay-at-home” order are not going to be the biggest news in Idaho.

Now, Gov. Little is in the national spotlight with the signage of three “controversial” bills he signed into law today.

First, he signed HB 500 which bans biological boys from participating in girl’s sports.

HB 500, sponsored by Representative Barbara Ehardt (Republican – District 33) was panned by critics as unnecessary in the state of Idaho.

Idaho is the first state in the country to enact such legislation.

In recent years, other states have been dealing with lawsuits from biological girls who are losing championships and scholarships to biological boys. For instance, a number of girls in the state of Connecticut, not exactly a conservative bastion, have filed a lawsuit against their school district for biological boys being allowed to compete in girl’s sports.

Thankfully, Rep. Ehardt didn’t want to wait until it became an issue in Idaho.

Boys are biologically stronger and faster than women in a number of sports.

Specifically, men would hold all speed and weight records for sports like track and field and weightlifting if allowed to compete. 

On a world level, there isn’t one record held by women.

So, why should biological men be allowed to compete in these sports even with hormone blockers?

We have already seen in other countries and states the devastating impact men taking over women’s sports has had.

Where are the feminists who are standing up for girls on this issue?

The 2nd bill Gov. Little signed was HB 509 which prohibits certain changes to birth certificates.

HB 509 is sponsored by Representative Julianne Young (Republican – District 31).

The bill requires that birth certificates in Idaho keep their material facts as recorded at birth.

At present, birth certificate alterations are occurring in Idaho. Individuals are allowed to compel the state registrar of vital statistics to alter a certificate of live birth based on their opinion about their “gender identity.”

An individual’s sex is not determined by their opinions or mental state. It is a matter of genetic and biological characteristics, which cannot be altered by an individual’s desires.

A law that requires the state registrar to act as if this were not the case is to create an official document based on preferences, not facts.

Allowing such alterations undercuts the fundamental purpose of maintaining records of vital statistics by allowing one of the most vital of these records to be dishonestly altered, in direct violation of scientifically verifiable reality.

An individual’s sex is one of the most essential and relevant medical data points, and distorting this point will undermine public health and other data-driven analytical efforts.

For instance, the height, weight, and sex of a child are considered “material facts” and would not be allowed to be changed.

Both HB 509 and HB 500 are expected to face legal challenges.

Finally, Gov. Little also signed HB 440 which prohibits state agencies from using “Affirmative Action” style hiring policies. 

HB 440 was sponsored by Rep. Heather Scott (Republican – Dist. 1).

Affirmative Action has long been opposed by conservatives.

Sadly, leftists believe that discrimination is a requirement to counter previous discrimination issues.

However, conservatives made it clear to Gov. Little that they didn’t want taxpayer dollars being used to discriminate in state agency hiring practices.

It was unclear if Gov. Little was going to sign the bills because today was the deadline. Additionally, he was receiving tremendous pressure from outside forces and leftists to veto the bills.

Recently, Gov. Little made some remarks at a press conference which seemed to indicate possible hesitation in signing some of these bills.

We want to thank Gov. Little for helping beat back the progressive agenda in Idaho.

If we want to keep Idaho free, it’s going to take Idaho’s legislature staying ahead of the progressive agenda.

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