Fake Republicans in Idaho Legislature Exposed

For years, a battle has been raging between actual constitutional conservatives in Idaho, weak-kneed moderate Republicans, and Democrats who put an “R” next to their name and run for office in Idaho. 

Idaho is known across the country as one of the most “conservative” states in the country. That may be true to some extent, but it isn’t as conservative as we think.

An analysis done by the Daily Wire showed that red states have some of the least conservatize lawmakers in the country.

The Daily Wire is a conservative news site with hosts like Ben Shapiro, Matt Walsh, and other media personalities. Their analysis showed that Idaho doesn’t rank well in terms of conservative lawmaking.

Part of the analysis stated,

South Dakota, North Dakota, Idaho, and Oklahoma are all more than 80% Republican-controlled, but their brand of legislating ranks among the least conservative in the country-at 36th, 37th, 31st, and 35th.

Idaho was ranked 31st? That may be a surprise to some Republicans in Idaho, but for those activists and individuals who follow politics closely, it’s what we have been warning about for a long time now.

The problem in states like Idaho and Wyoming is that it’s too easy to get elected with an “R” next to your name.

Simply put “pro-gun,” “pro-life,” and “conservative” on your campaign material and you are good to go. No one really questions it most of the time.

So, to some extent, it’s our own fault for not exposing the frauds running for office.

There are people like me and groups like the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance, the Idaho Freedom Foundation, and others who do educate voters on what is happening in Idaho. And that has helped a lot in recent years in exposing what is really happening at the capitol.

But the reality is that Idaho’s lawmakers aren’t very conservative.

While every single Republican running for office will say they are a “real conservative,” the voting records simply don’t match the rhetoric from the campaign trail.

Idaho’s Republican base is, in part, to blame for this problem as well. Too many of our native Idahoans have not had to really fight for what we have. 

Idaho has been a blessed state and we enjoy some pretty good freedoms here. The progressive rot has only just recently sprung up and many Idahoans don’t see the fight that is coming.

That means that we end up electing boring and moderate Republicans like Brad Little to office. 

Little has signed some really good legislation in recent years, such as the ban on men in women’s sports. However, he doesn’t actually care about those issues and only got on board because the bills hit his desk.

Brad Little doesn’t care about preventing Idaho from becoming California because he probably doesn’t think it can happen to Idaho. Sadly, many Republicans in our state are just like him.

Idaho must find candidates who understand the real fight for liberty, and that means we have to dig into candidates and find out their history and find out what they truly stand for BEFORE we cast a vote for them.

One of our goals at Keep Idaho Free is to expose these frauds for who they really are. We want to make sure Idahoans know exactly who is fighting in the trenches for them versus just spewing the words that we like to hear.

We will not sit idly by and let these RINOs continue to run unimpeded and spewing their lies on the campaign trail.

Exposing them for who they really are is the only way to stop it, and that’s what we intend to do.

5 thoughts on “Fake Republicans in Idaho Legislature Exposed

  1. Carlton Yee Reply

    RINOs and DIMMorats are never our friends. Send them packing in every election. Do your own research too.

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