Pro-Gun Champion Christy Zito Makes Major Announcement!

Former State Senator Christy Zito has announced her intention to challenge current State Sen. Geoff Schroeder.

Schroeder won the seat after Zito left office to work for the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance. Schroeder benefited from a four-way race, in which three candidates ran as conservatives and split the vote.

It’s no secret in District 8 that Schroeder is pro-abortion, anti-2nd Amendment, and a God-hating individual. He brags about his atheist license plates.

Zito has told me on a number of occasions that she is sad that Schroeder is the individual who took her place. Now she is on a mission to give the people of District 8 a State Senator who cares about them and will fight for individual liberty.

You can watch Zito’s announcement on the “Freedom Bros” podcast below:


11 thoughts on “Pro-Gun Champion Christy Zito Makes Major Announcement!

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