University of Idaho Students Stage Sit-In at Starbucks, Demand Vegan “Milk” Be Cheaper!

Colleges across the country continue a rapid path of radical leftism.

This process has been years in the making and it’s only getting worse.

Self-entitled, spoiled, and misguided students continue to demand socialism/communism in America. They feel that they can demand from private companies complete capitulation to their demands.

So, it’s no wonder that this next story out of Idaho is not surprising.

Students at the University of Idaho staged a sit-in at a local Starbucks and demanded that the chain stop charging more for plant-based “milk” in their coffee.

Yes, a bunch of whiny college kids want to force a private company to charge less for a product that costs more to make.

Perhaps these kids failed Econ 101 and should take a remedial course. If you have to pay more money to make a product, that extra cost is going to be paid for by the consumer.

So, if you don’t like it, you can open your own coffee shop.

You can then charge the same price as animal-based actual milk.

However, this reality wasn’t enough for some students at the University of Idaho.

Backed by PETA, the U of I students protested at a local Starbucks according to Campus Reform.

Sadly, some companies have been capitulating to the radical left.

Rather than basing their prices on standard and logical economic practices, they are bowing to the leftist mafia.

Time will tell if Starbucks, not exactly your conservative-based business, will also capitulate.

In the meantime, we’ll wait for these spoiled-brats to open their own store. Odds are we’ll all be dead before that happens.



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