Idaho Attorney General: Call Police on Neighbors Not Staying Home

Everyone in the country is on edge these days.

Isolation tends to have a negative impact on people’s emotions.

Humans will only take the burden of being forced into isolation for so long.

Sadly, when the government encourages people to rat on each other, it only makes things worse.

Many Idahoans were furious about an Idaho Department of Health and Welfare (H&W) form that encouraged us to do just that.

Thankfully, a number of Idaho’s Representatives reached out to the Department to demand answers. We want to thanks Rep. Nichols, Kingsley, Dixon, Christensen, Scott, and others who stood against Nazi-style tattle-telling programs in Idaho.

This was the form the H&W Department posted:

Unfortunately, it wasn’t an April Fool’s Day joke. It was very real.

Of course, Idahoans wasted no time in posting bogus claims in the form. Most of them turned in the H&W Department for being in violation of the constitution.

However, you have to wonder why they felt it was okay to post the form in the first place.

Our hope is that Governor Little will find out who decided to put this form online.

Perhaps, the form was created based on the Idaho Attorney General’s Office recommendations?

Soon after the H&W’s form started circulating, a number of people posted a link to the AG’s “Frequently Asked Questions” guidelines about the Governor’s “stay-at-home” order.

You can see the guidelines here:

The specific paragraph you’ll want to look at is item #3.

So, not only is the AG’s office simply telling people their office doesn’t have the authority to enforce the order, they are encouraging citizens to turn on one another for violations.

Are the AG’s guidelines here where the H&W department got the idea to rat on each other in the first place?

Since when did Idaho become a place where we turn on one another?

If the police are going to patrol neighborhoods to enforce the stay-at-home order, that is what they will do. However, why are we going to encourage people to turn their neithbors in and make it worse?

This is a recipe for abuse and most certainly a recipe for disaster.

We are already seeing civil unrest in countries because citizens are growing weary of government lockdowns.

Now, we are going to “Red Flag” each other for alleged violations?

Most Idahoans are strongly opposed to Red Flag laws. We have warned people that such laws are ripe for abuse, not to mention the constitutional violations.

While the AG’s suggestion is not a “Red Flag” law where your firearms will be confiscated, it does mirror the abuse that will take place.

Under a Red Flag law, someone who knows you turns you in for allegedly being a danger to yourself or others.

It is their word against yours.

Under these guidelines, the police will get anonymous tips from your angry neighbor that you have made some violation of the stay-at-home order.

No evidence will be required other than their complaint.

This will create more tension in our neighborhoods and communities. This tension will push people into desperate situations.

While the AG’s office is certainly correct that they don’t have any legal authority to enforce the order themselves, that’s where they should have left their statement.

By encouraging people to tell on each other, they are going to make the situation worse.

If you wish to contact the Attorney General’s office and voice your opposition to their guidelines, the phone number is 208-334-2400.

11 thoughts on “Idaho Attorney General: Call Police on Neighbors Not Staying Home

  1. Jaymes Reply

    The people responsible for this GESTAPO tactic should be fired immediately. They don’t have the authority to suspend the Constitution. If that idiot AG is the source of this terrorism he should be thrown out of office.

  2. Liz Reply

    I left a nasty message. Wanting us to turn into Nazi Brownshirts. Fire their asses

  3. Dave Reply

    This is exactly how Cuba and Germany took their countries and cot rolled them as well as disarming the citizentry …BeWare be Vigilant

  4. Gary Dale Reply

    Lawrence Wasden
    Republican Party

    Description Lawrence Garth Wasden is the current Attorney General of the state of Idaho serving since 2003, and is the longest serving Attorney General in Idaho history. Wikipedia

    The label of “republican” is of little or no value in our state. The November election will be quite interesting.

  5. Rise Reply

    Wow this is really not ok!
    1.If there is truly not enough work to keep officers busy they should get laied off with the rest of us. If they are busy enough to keep working they have better things to do than investigate if it was actually nessecary for karen to go to the market that day for MORE toilet paper.
    2. It is in the best interest of the people of idaho to help their neighbors and community. More than ever we need to watch out for the people in our neighborhoods they are close enough to help.
    3. If Johnny law comes for your neighbors guns. Be assured they will be at your door next. Actively defend your neighbors to safeguard the rights of us all.

  6. dianeR Reply

    Hoorah , you guys are all correct .This is has turned into one hell of a SHITSHOW.. now, supposedly someone can spread the virus , not even being sick whatsoever and having not even tested positive ?. … This media is turned into a ghetto ass circus ring and WE are the clowns .

  7. Robert C Lambing Reply

    Evidently Mr. Wasden is tired of being Idaho’s AG. Your “drop” a dime policies SUCK and won’t be tolerated. Civil unrest……you are asking for it. Your job is to serve Idahoans NOT turn them into snitches with this horse shit.

  8. Linda Billings Reply

    This kind of Nazi conduct is not even going on in the Mother of All U.S. Dictatorships, California. Suspending our rights and the Constitution can be a slippery slope that apparently this AG seems inclined to desire. THIS cannot and MUST NOT be tolerated, under any circumstances. Even in places where the caseload is high and Stay at Home is enforced (such as Lansing Michigan), people are still walking their dogs, going shopping as necessary, and trying to be supportive of one another (such as shopping for groceries for neighbors, so only one person goes out). Our caseload in Idaho is hardly epic enough to warrant such brazenly power-grabbing, insulting and offensive to our citizens here. THIS AG WORKS FOR THE TAX PAYERS! Since he endorsed this heinous assault on innocent people just trying to live their lives, he indeed should be sanctioned on every front. Time for him to go and resign, or be forced to. Anyone else involved with such repugnant attitudes towards us needs to be investigated and FIRED! THERE WAS NO JUSTIFICATION NOR ANY EXCUSE FOR SUCH DEPRAVED ACTION IN IDAHO.

  9. Rick Gramm Reply

    I don’t think so! I will practice social distancing when I go out, but I will not be imprisoned in my own house by the government. They do not have the authority!

  10. Rick Rund Reply

    My next vote for Attorney General has just been decided… It will be for the other…..

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