Idaho Heath & Welfare: Turn in Your Neighbors

UPDATE: The form has now been removed! We want to thank Rep. Mike Kingsley and others for taking action on this issue. A huge thank you to Idahoans for trolling the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare as well. You can see a screenshot of what the form looked like at the end of the article.

The entire country is on edge right now with the Chinese Coronavirus.

Isolation and being unable to interact with each other is causing many people anxiety, anger, and frustration.

Sadly, the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare is going to make this much worse.

Today, they released a form where Idahoans can turn on their neighbors for violating Gov. Little’s “stay-at-home” order.

Want to know what it’s like living in a state with Red Flag laws? Sadly, this is what it turns into.

Your neighbor, friend, or maybe bitter family member decides you are in violation of the law and they turn you in.

The government then takes action against you without any proof that you have committed any sort of crime. It is unclear from the form the Idaho Department of Health & Welfare released what they intend to do with the information.

You can see the form yourself in the link here:

The form appears to be geared towards Idahoans turning in businesses who are not “essential” and are not complying with the order to close.

Unfortunately, we have turned from treating each other humanely to becoming narcs.

Who’s to say if the person turning another in isn’t doing so nefariously? Sadly, the form may become nothing more than a way to attack someone you disagree with.

This is not the Idaho way.

We do not rat other people out for trying to survive during these difficult times.

The question is, will Idahoans use the form to turn on each other?

Nevermind that the government has forced businesses to close. Nevermind that thousands of Idahoans are out of work.

Now, with some businesses doing their best to social distance and stay afloat, Idaho’s government is going to have Idahoans stab each other in the back.

How long before people turn in their neighbors for walking their dog, playing at the park, or visiting a family member?

So, how can we combat this absurd form?

Contact your State Representatives and ask them to stop this madness.

Let us know in the comments what you think of the Idaho Department of Health & Welfare’s form.

3 thoughts on “Idaho Heath & Welfare: Turn in Your Neighbors

  1. Tricia Armento Reply

    Very creepy! Communistic! Completely uncalled for. This kind of action pits us against each other and causes division and bitterness at a time when we need to help each other as much as possible.

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