What an Idaho Republican Lawmaker Said About Gun Owners Will Shock You

A Republican lawmaker named Rod Furniss (Rigby) has been attacking conservative groups for several years now, and he is at it again in recent days.

A video has resurfaced that Furniss posted on March 10, 2020, on his Facebook page. In the video, he attacks gun owners and makes some rather slanderous accusations against those who oppose Red Flag gun confiscation orders.

Furniss tells his audience that,

“I am not okay with people hiding behind the Idaho Freedom Foundation and the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance as an excuse to beat their wives and hurt their children, all in the name of liberty.”

Excuse me? Who in either of those organizations has ever advocated such horrendous criminal activity? None!

This slanderous comment by a sitting Republican state representative is one of the most reprehensible things I have ever heard in my time in politics. 

What’s even more strange about Furniss’s video is that he contradicts himself within his own video. Furniss tries to play both sides of the Red Flag gun confiscation line.

At the beginning of the video, Furniss, who is commonly referred to as “Red Flag Rod,” talks about Red Flag laws as if they are a good thing. However, right after attempting to explain Red Flag laws, Furniss then says he is opposed to them. 

Then Furniss tells his audience he wants to stop domestic abuse. But wait, if Red Flag laws are such a great thing according to Red Flag Rod, then why does he oppose them?

You see, a lot of this controversy stems from a pledge that the ISAA had lawmakers sign stating that they opposed all versions of Red Flag gun confiscation orders. Unfortunately, Furniss refused to sign the pledge.

At one point, someone asked Furniss on his Facebook page if he supported Red Flag laws. Furniss told the individual that he supports the concept, but he would have to see the bill first.

What other possible explanation is there for that comment other than Red Flag Rod has certain versions of Red Flag gun confiscation orders he supports? There isn’t another explanation.

Yet, in the video he posted, he claims that he doesn’t support Red Flag laws but made sure to make them sound as good as possible.

Oh, and in the process of making Red Flag laws sound great, Red Flag Rod finishes his video by attacking two of the biggest groups in Idaho advocating for liberty by stating that if you advocate for liberty and oppose unconstitutional gun confiscation, you somehow support domestic violence.

I’m not sure if Red Flag Rod has ever witnessed domestic violence firsthand, but I have.

When I was younger, I would visit my biological mom in California. Her husband at that time was a violent man and routinely attacked her.

I remember one evening when I was 10-years-old, we had pancakes for dinner. My mom asked what we wanted to have on our pancakes, and I replied that I wanted to put peanut butter on it.

My mom’s husband got mad that I wanted peanut butter and said we needed to have syrup. My mom defended my choice and said that it wasn’t a big deal what I had on my pancakes.

Her husband then proceeded to throw her into the wall, and after she hit the ground, he started kicking her repeatedly.

I couldn’t do a thing. The man was huge and had been in martial arts for quite some time. 

That is just one of the instances I watched him physically abuse my mom. So, no, I don’t support any form of domestic violence and the thought of someone doing it to their wives or children is appalling.

I have never met a gun owner who supports domestic violence. I oppose domestic violence and want to do all I can to stop it. But, preferably, I want those who don’t have the ability to fight back physically to be able to use a weapon to defend themselves. 

Allowing the government to have the ability to just come to people’s homes and take their ability to defend themselves without even being charged with a crime is Minority Report in real life. It cannot be allowed in Idaho, ever.

I also oppose Red Flag gun confiscation orders as an absolute violation of numerous constitutional protections, including the 2nd Amendment. I have and always will oppose Red flag laws.

Do you feel confident that Red Flag Rod is in the same boat? I don’t.

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