Video: Atheist Idaho Republican Senator Tells Atheists to Run as Republicans

There was a rumor I had heard years ago that State Sen. Geoff Schroeder (Mtn. Home) was a Democrat.

Schroeder is after all an atheist, which is far less of a thing in Republican circles. But setting aside Schroeder’s bragging about his atheism, I hadn’t seen anything concrete that he was a Democrat.

Well, a new video has surfaced that Keep Idaho Free has obtained from 2015 where Schroeder is telling a group of atheists that they are all Republicans if they live in a Republican district.

Shroeder begins a speech to the “Treasure Valley Coalition of Reason” in which he asks an opening question of how many people in attendance were Republicans. Not a single voice can be heard proclaiming that anyone in the audience is a Republican and Schroeder certainly doesn’t claim to be one.

After spending several minutes talking about his disdain for God having any part in government, Schroeder tells the audience that they must be Republicans if their legislative district is controlled by Republicans. Schroeder says they are Republican by default.

Here are the video segments of the speech Schroeder gave that I mentioned above:

Schroeder is doing what many liberals in Idaho do which is encouraging people to switch to the Republican Party because their values as Democrats or Communists aren’t welcome in our state. 

Do you think Schroeder would have any chance of winning if he ran as a Republican? No. In fact, Schroeder won his legislative race in 2022 primarily because Sen. Christy Zito did not run for re-election. But second, Schroeder won because three other candidates ran on the same platform and split the vote, allowing Schroeder to win with just 32% of the vote. 

Schroeder has been a disaster ever since he took office.  

He’s a liberal Democrat with an “R” after his name. He’s a proud atheist. Not that he doesn’t have the right to be one, but we could use a lot more God-fearing men and women in our country, not less of them.

Schroeder fought against the 2nd Amendment in his first term in office, supported abortion, and voted to allow minors to mutilate their genitals and take life-altering drugs. 

There couldn’t be a more stark contrast between former Sen. Christy Zito who loves God, respects the U.S. and Idaho Constitutions and is as pro-life as they come.

The voters in Mtn. Home and the rest of District 8 need to do a long hard look at who represents them at the Idaho captiol. Schroeder has all but admitted in this video that he lies to people about who he is in order to get elected. 

How many other Schroeder-type Republicans are there in Idaho’s capitol or other elected positions in Idaho? 

I’m sorry to inform you that Idaho has a major problem with these types of Republicans. Maybe they aren’t atheists like Schroeder, but they love big government, hate freedom fighters, and enjoy spending your money every chance they get.

God willing, the voters in District 8 will remedy this tragedy in 2024.

Note: The thumbnail is a still shot taken from the video of Schroeder bragging about his atheist license plate.

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