Bill to Ban Gender Mutilation of Minors Sent to Gov. Little! Take Action!

The Idaho Senate sent HB 71 to Governor Little’s desk today which will ban the mutilation and irreversible drugging of Idaho’s minors.

HB 71 had already passed the House with one Republican, Rep. Matt Bundy (Mtn. Home), voting against the bill. The vote was 58-12.

The Senate has now passed HB 71 with a vote of 22 to 12 with several Republicans voting against it and one Republican, Sen. Doug Ricks (Rexburg) not present for the vote.

Yes, you read that correctly. Republicans voted to let Idaho’s youth mutilate their bodies and take drugs that cannot be undone. 

Sen. Linda Hartgen (Twin Falls), Sen. Geoff Schroeder (Mtn. Home), Sen. Julie VanOrden (Pingree), Sen. Abby Lee (Fruitland), and Sen. Treg Bernt (Meridian) were the five Republicans who voted against HB 71.

When will these individuals just come out and identify as Democrats? Why do Republicans keep electing Democrats who have an “R” after their name?

We need lawmakers in office who understand these issues.

We need to fight against the radical left’s ideology which is rapidly spreading across this country, and here in Idaho.  It’s imperative that we have lawmakers in office who understand the fight we are in and are willing to pass legislation that stops this radical ideology in its tracks.

If Idaho can’t get this done, then what hope do we have?

Right now, Idahoans need to contact Gov. Brad Little and tell his office to sign this bill into law.

Phone: 208-334-2100

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