Twin Falls or California? Cops say “leave your weapons at home and leave the security to us”

UPDATE: Twin Falls County Sheriff’s Office Responds to Concerns over Anti-gun Remarks by Lt. Brown

Just days after a deadly shooting in California in which the alleged perpetrator bypassed event security by cutting through a fence, the Twin Falls Sheriff’s Office is encouraging would-be victims to just “leave your weapons at home and leave the security to us.

Why would they encourage people to willingly give up their ability to defend themselves? “The fairgrounds is a place for family activities. It’s family environment. You’re there to have fun, it’s not a place to really bring your weapons,” says Lt. Daron Brown.

Was the Gilroy Garlic Festival in California not also “a place for family activities” where people went to “have fun”? How did being disarmed work out for the victims there?

But just in case this all seems too ridiculous to believe, Lt. Brown has one more piece of advice for you. If you see anything suspicious, just “come to the sheriff’s office on the fairgrounds and tell us.”

Apparently, he believes that you can outrun bullets.

Image courtesy of the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance

15 thoughts on “Twin Falls or California? Cops say “leave your weapons at home and leave the security to us”

  1. Arley Pollard Reply

    If applicable vote this usless man out of office. When you have a split second to react I’d much rather have the choice to survive.

  2. George Reply

    One armed good guy would have ended the problem. The shootings in California always have many wounded and killed. To much time transpires getting law enforcement there.

  3. Michael O'Brien Reply

    Under the Constitution as well as the published law of the State of Idaho, it is well within my rights to carry my firearm on public property. Any hindrence of that right is illegal. As a law enforcement officer, one would expect you to be aware of that.

  4. Chobani Rapes Reply

    This turd needs to resign. I guess when they’re not sweeping child rape cases under the rug they’re skeeming on how to disarm the peons they rule over.

  5. Dave Reply

    What’s the easiest way to pick a liberal moron out of a crowd? Let it run its mouth like the Commissar here.

  6. Leif Reply

    The reason the perpetrator was able to get in was do to the lack of proper security. There was a huge hole in it that a 19 year old kid was able to penetrate ,why would we trust them in the future?

  7. usmcm14 Reply

    That FAT POS couldn’t protect a box of fucking doughnuts !!! Always carry Always shoot to kill and Always carry extra mags !!!

  8. simon Reply

    Officer Brown, Lets conduct an experiment. Get a stop watch, time yourself running the same distance as the location of the first victim. If you show up sooner than the amount of time it took the shooter to get from start to finish, how many could you have helped when the first shot was fired until it was over….do the math. because you would FAIL… So did every “Phone in the face Zombie” that should have noticed a guy cutting through a fence. ” Be Aware of Your Surroundings”…Concealed Carry 101 This as well as all of them, are a tragedy…Self protection is a necessity, Concealed Carry Citizens are your friend

  9. Anon Reply

    This is the same man that wrote a Kayaker a ticket for no life vest, after said kayaker had just pulled a body of a suicide victim from the snake river. This guys has always been a POS.

  10. Neil Foster Reply

    Warren v. District of Columbia (444 A.2d. 1, D.C. Court of Appeals . 1981)

    “the duty to provide public services is owed to the public at large, and, absent a special relationship between the police and an individual, no specific legal duty exists”

  11. Me Reply

    Fire this man! Us gun toating Idahoan’s would rather die than have this type of rhetoric be spread to its civilians. We will NEVER comply! We own you, not the other way around.

  12. Alan Cherry Reply

    When seconds count, cops are only minutes away…

    I doubt they like it any better than we do, but I’d rather wrap it up quickly and give them a statement when they eventually arrive.

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