UPDATE: Twin Falls County Sheriff’s Office Responds to Concerns over Anti-gun Remarks by Lt. Brown

The Twin Falls County Sheriff’s Office has issued a press release in response to the outcry caused by Lt. Daron Brown’s statement that fairgoers should “leave your weapons at home and leave the security to us.

You can read the full press release below:

A story by a KMVT reporter about fair security yesterday has created an unintended stir. The reporter highlighted a statement made by Lt. Daron Brown in which he encouraged everyone to “leave your guns at home”.

Lt. Daron Brown freely admits making this statement in the greater context of security; deputies deal with intoxicated persons, fights and accidents at the fair. He did not intend for his comment to have any political bearing. Sheriff Tom Carter and the Twin Falls County Sheriff’s Office recognize and support the Second Amendment and have no intentions of restricting the rights of our citizens to bear arms. “I am saddened to hear this comment is being used in a political conversation, as it was certainly not intended in that manner,” stated Sheriff Carter. “There is no question about Lt. Brown’s or my support of the Second Amendment.”

While the statement attempts to contextualize Brown’s comments, they fall far short of a repudiation. Presumably, they still believe that you being disarmed is preferable in the “greater context of security.”

Are you satisfied with the response from the Twin Falls County Sheriff’s Office? Let us know in the comments section below.

9 thoughts on “UPDATE: Twin Falls County Sheriff’s Office Responds to Concerns over Anti-gun Remarks by Lt. Brown

  1. Cody coburn Reply

    Being in out rage has nothing to do with politics. No candidate is coming out vying for this person’s job. What is happening, however, is a show of persons defending and voicing their responsibility and right for their own safety and security.

  2. American citizen Reply

    Yeah I got a reply for that Twin Falls man if it would have been a gun shooting and you had to respond by the time you got there an unnamed amount of people would have been dead no thank you we’ll keep our arms at our sides you don’t like it change professions the people will always be the First Responders not law enforcement

  3. Dan Oremus Reply

    So some bad nut case starts shooting at people I can not carry a gun to try to protect my family and others? just wait as people die until police get there? whats a few life’s while waiting a great news story for the gun grabbers. Do you really think criminals will fallow laws and get rid of their guns your dreaming.

  4. James Bartlett Reply

    I think Brown ment just what he said. Guns or no guns you cant protect anyone from a bad heart. Whever you go you hope that nothing bad happens. It does not hurt to cary your protection with you. Remember its not the wheapon its the heart using it.

  5. James Reply

    First off, I fully support the men and women in LE, It’s a tough job. However this has absolutely nothing to do with political positions. According to case law, LE officers Do not have a duty to protect the individual. Regardless if they are present or not, I will not relinquish the safety of my family, friends or myself to anyone else. LE officers quite frankly can’t be everywhere and all times.

  6. Twin Falls sucks my balls Reply

    “Damn my deputy got caught verbalizing our stance on the peons carrying firearms. I’m not going to apologize for his comments and neither is he because this is exactly what we believe?

  7. Steven and Renee Feil Reply

    POLICE don’t have a responsibility to protect. SHERIFF’S do. That is their job.

    Carter is a POLITICIAN. For him to state this had on political bearing is BS. He has had to back track on many things in his tenure here…. several times on the 2nd amendment. This, even though he claims to be a “constitutional sheriff.”

    Time for a new Sheriff in Twin Falls County.

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