Idaho Pro-Gun Champion Rep. Zito Called “Leaderless” by Former Opponent Oscar Evans!

In a state that takes its 2nd Amendment rights very seriously, it is astounding to see some “Republican” candidates attack champions of gun rights.

Oscar Evans seems to have no issue doing just that.

He has had a series of disparaging and disgusting attacks on one of the most pro-2nd Amendment legislators in Idaho!.

An odd strategy for someone wanting to become a Republican legislator in a pro-2nd Amendment District.

Before we get to what Oscar said, a little history on his bitterness towards Rep. Zito.

You see, in 2018 Oscar tried to challenge Rep. Zito for her legislative seat in the 2018 Republican Primary.

Rep. Zito crushed Oscar 64.2% to 35.8%.

 This shellacking took place despite Oscar outspending Rep. Zito by over $10,000 and having establishment groups and legislators spending money to try and help him win as well.

Oscar was bitter after the election and inferred that Rep. Zito was a witch and that her supporters were “flying monkeys.”

Over a year after the election and this potential District 23 legislative candidate is still attacking Rep. Zito.

In a recent Facebook post, Oscar said that passing a pro-gun bill would require legislators capable of leading and influencing others.

When Idaho Second Amendment Alliance President Greg Pruett pressed Oscar to name names, he responded by telling Mr. Pruett that anyone who sponsors/cosponsors ISAA legislation would fit in the category of being “leaderless.”

So, despite the successful efforts of the ISAA and Rep. Zito in pushing a solid pro-gun agenda, he is calling her leaderless on the issue!

He followed up that insult by also saying that Rep. Zito, who drives all over her District to meet with constituents, is not a great sacrifice.

Rep. Zito is well-known for being available to her constituents and willing to listen and meet with them. She is known as a fighter for gun rights and for her relentless fight to protect liberty in the state of Idaho.

Perhaps the biggest questions for Oscar are: If you think Rep. Zito is a leaderless witch, how pathetic are you for getting your butt kicked by her in the election? What does that say about how people feel about you?

Oscar, a self-described moderate, would be nothing more than a “yes man” in the capitol. Whatever Republican leadership tells him to do, he’ll do it. Clearly that is not what the voters in District 23 wanted when he tried to challenge Rep. Zito.

Idaho is blessed to have a real leader like Rep. Zito in their corner.

Rep. Zito is currently preparing to run for State Senate in District 23.

If you wish to contact Rep. Zito or contribute to her campaign, you can visit her website at

2 thoughts on “Idaho Pro-Gun Champion Rep. Zito Called “Leaderless” by Former Opponent Oscar Evans!

  1. Andrea McRae Reply

    I know both Christy and Oscar and have had many conversations with both. Christy is a listener and acts on her constituent’s concerns. She has contacted me several times tracking down people she had brief contact with so she can give them undivided attention.
    As for Oscar. The last time I had a conversation with him he wasn’t the person I used to know before he became politically involved. He was telling me how to think and who to associate with. That is not a good trait and a scary one in a politician.
    I assisted Christy with her first campaign. Oscar called me and told me to not help her and I’d be better off helping him on Megan’s campaign. I asked him if he’d ever met our spoken to Christy, he had not. He informed me he has been told terrible things about Christy so he did not need any other information to make a decision. It said more about Oscar and those he works with than it did Christy.
    Please fight for Christy. The swamp is coming for her and they were recruiting people whose egos are easily flattered.

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