Fed-up Idahoans Signing Petition to Decrease Boise State Funding

The petition by Ryan Edwards on StandUnited has already garnered several dozen votes and is being widely shared on social media. Titled “Idaho State Legislature: Decrease Boise State Funding,” the petition makes a simple demand.

To Idaho State Legislature:
The signers of this petition demand that funding for Boise State University be decreased by 10% for their inappropriate misuse of public funds.

More information is also offered regarding the reasons for the demand.

Going to college should be a time where you focus on gaining the best education you can receive. Many universities receive state funding. These state funded universities should not be implementing biased and special interest classes or events.

President Marlene Tromp, the recently hired president of Boise State University, has created or maintained these classes and events. She has maintained the creation of “white privilege classes”, attempted to implement race and LGBT specific graduation ceremonies, implemented special prayer rooms for Muslim students, maintained transgender friendly restrooms, and hosted the Council for American Islamic Relations which has ties to HAMAS and the Muslim Brotherhood. These are all being done with taxpayer dollars.

Taxpayer dollars should not be used to implement these policies, events, and classes. They are places of higher education, not indoctrination. The Idaho State Legislature is not constitutionally bound to fund Boise State. Sign this petition if you believe Boise State’s funding allotment should be decreased by 10%.

We have reported before on issues relating to Boise State University’s leftist agenda.

Just last Friday, (October 4th) the university’s “Muslim Student Association” held a “Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) Outreach Event” in their 435-seat Special Events Center. The invitation cited “Islamophobia and anti-Muslim bigotry” in “media, politics, and public schools” as one of the reasons for the event.

4 thoughts on “Fed-up Idahoans Signing Petition to Decrease Boise State Funding

  1. Michael Rue Reply

    I’m of the opinion that Marlene Tromb should be fired and replaced with a conservative at the very least! Higher education administration should not be dominated or monopolized by liberals in a primarily conservative state; Idaho. Let the 10% funding reduction be implemented for the next funding disbursement and let there be an annual review of the use of taxpayer dollars.

  2. L. Weeks Reply

    Even trans people oppose gender inclusive bathrooms. Proof? Today, a trans woman friend commented, “Look like a girl when going to the girls room. Shut up while in there, and sit to pee. If everyone did this there’d be not so many problems. I hate this kind of news. Especially with all this non bianary, they/them, 97 different genders crowd speaking for us.”

    Tax payer money to install prayer rooms for one “special” totalitarian belief system? NO!

  3. BC Reply

    There is so much talk about the huge student loan debt that students can’t repay. Will someone PLEASE take a look at some of the ridiculous degrees and classes that are offered and get rid of ones that can’t provide the receiver an adequate living or useful knowledge!!! Then please reduce the amount of loans offered so universities are forced to lower costs to compete for students. Whenever a university told my child they just needed to fill out the student loan forms to cover all of their costs, we simply walked away. Most stupid thing ever, it simply reinforced the notion that universities are about money and not education.

  4. BZ Reply

    Want to “see” inside the college degree scam? read this book by a legit math professor.
    Why Johnny Can’t Read, Write, or Do ‘Rithmetic Even With a College Degree
    Tucker Carlson also had a good piece about this on Fox news.

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