Boise State to Remodel Student Union with “Gender Inclusive Restrooms”

Today’s edition of the Boise State University newspaper, The Arbiter, includes the headline “Gender-Inclusive Restrooms Find Their Way Into SUB Revamp” as if it’s just something that naturally happened.

The truth is a bit different. Later in the article, it is revealed that the “Inclusive Excellence Student Council” (IESC) is “undergoing multiple projects relating to gender-inclusive facilities.” Their spokesperson said, “it is their goal to spread [gender] neutral facilities across campus and include them in construction plans for all new buildings.”

No word yet on how much the implementation of this agenda will cost.

Oh, and get this, the Student Union Building (SUB) already has a gender-inclusive restroom. It’s on the second floor right next to the “Gender Equity Center.”

Click the image to read the full article from The Arbiter

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