Are Gun Stores Closed Under Little’s “Stay At Home” Order?

Are gun stores considered “essential” under Gov. Little’s “stay at home” order?

That is a question many gun owners had after Little’s order earlier today.

So, what is the truth about whether they are essential or not?

After a call to Gov. Little’s office, they confirmed that gun stores are considered “essential.”

Within minutes of Gov. Little’s order to close all “non-essential” businesses, gun owners started asking about gun stores.

Of course, the leftists in the state are sure to mock gun owners for insisting that gun shops remain open.

To them, your safety and protection from criminals isn’t a necessity and they rather enjoy mocking gun owners for having a gun for protection.

In Idaho though, many consider the ability to carry a firearm and protect their family as the most essential right we have.

Thankfully, Gov. Little’s Policy Advisor on 2nd Amendment issues, Louis Hougard, confirmed that gun stores would be essential.

This will come as welcome news to Idaho’s gun owners.

I had fielded numerous messages and comments about the issue.

Additionally, I have spoken with a number of gun stores who also wondered about the order.

Mr. Hougard told me more information will be available soon. The official Idaho coronavirus website will have a document that will specify that gun stores were essential.

Idaho Code 46-1008 specifically prohibits such restrictions under an “emergency” clause.

For gun store owners, my recommendation would be to wait until you have that document in hand before making official decisions.

UPDATE: Below is a screenshot of the guideline listing “Firearms Businesses” as essential.

You can view the full document here.


Greg Pruett
Idaho Second Amendment Alliance

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