Watch: Did Boise Mayor Encourage People to Turn Each Other In?

It seems each new day we hear of more people across the country being cited, fined, or handcuffed for violating a “stay-at-home” order.

Even here in Idaho, we have had our share of government entities pushing Nazi-style outing of friends and neighbors.

Last week, the Idaho Department of Health & Welfare came under heavy scrutiny for a form on their website. The form encouraged citizens to report individuals or businesses for violations.

Then, the Attorney General’s website said to do the same.

Thankfully, both the AG and Health & Welfare Department took their suggestions down.

Now, new radical left Mayor Lauren McLean is encouraging citizens to turn one another in!

McLean, a major supporter of abortion and gun control, has been live on Facebook numerous times telling people how to live their lives.

Recently, McLean posted a video showing people how they should walk when they are outside.

At the beginning of the video, McLean and her daughter show how far apart people should be while social distancing. Then she explains in the video what you must do should you pass someone while walking.

So, the Mayor explaining the proper way to social distance is all well and good.

However, the final part of the video McLean decides to tell people that if they are going to rat on each other, to use the non-emergency number.

First, take a look at the post itself.

Below we have clipped the very end of the video.

In the last part of it, she explains what people should do if they observe violations.

We are hearing from the McLean supporters that she was taken out of context. Listen for yourself and decide.

Now, based on our observation of her words, she clearly meant to tell people to report violations.

If they chose to turn someone in, they need to use the police’s non-emergency dispatch.

Sadly, this wasn’t the only thing Mayor McLean did. She also posted an image with the Ada County Dispatch’s phone number.

The image, like her video, encouraged people to call the number to report violations.


After a number of citizens spoke out against the post, it was removed from her Mayoral Facebook page.

What is it with government officials that they believe we should act in this manner?

Unfortunately, this is likely not going to be the last we hear of people in power in Idaho encouraging the betrayal of your neighbors.

Do you think Mayor McLean encouraged people to turn on one another? Let us know in the comments below.

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19 thoughts on “Watch: Did Boise Mayor Encourage People to Turn Each Other In?

  1. Gene Reply

    We need to recall this worthless Communist Mayor that wants to turn Boise into a police state.

  2. Anonymous Reply

    She is just trying to follow the guidelines. I’ve seen house parties with lines of cars parked down the street. They’re obviously not social distancing & they should be turned in & put in the stay at your own home order like the rest of us.

  3. Mary Stout Reply

    Like all the Dems, she thinks that she knows what is best for the sheep, the idiots she rules. Ergo, she must tell how to report non-compliance with her orders. I hope when this is over and we realize how unnecessary this lockdown was, that we act against all Dems and vote them all out. Boise, have you learned your lesson about not voting democratic?

  4. Jason Funderburg Reply

    This is absolutely inexcusable and she should immediately step down as mayor, how someone with views like this was elected in the first place blows my mind!

  5. Rachael68 Reply

    Idaho is Not a Communist State. We the people Should Be Able to make Our Own Discussions of what to do and Not Have Someone in the Government telling Us what to do.
    Besides that Not Everyone Comes from Money or have big houses. Sometimes we have families living in small homes and with big families. So people don’t know how really live in the same household. How can we be calling and complaining on one another if we don’t know.
    I have a big family and a small home and I hate when people drive bye and judge my family when I go outside to get air and get some Sunshine.
    Shame on the Mayor. I’m Not calling the police and reporting anyone. We the people have Rights to be with family. If visiting anyone just keep your distance.

  6. Nancy Brown Reply

    This direction to report the dumb deplorables (as she obviously think of us) and the firing of the Fire Chief of Boise, shortly before his retirement, without any explanation….This mayor proves her disdain for people of Boise. (how was she ever elected anyway?) Idaho is a Conservative state. She is against our gun rights and she is for abortion on demand. She needs to go… please Boise, let us vote her OUT next election.

  7. Elizabeth Reply

    Taking away our constitutional rights because of a virus. Does she have that authority…I don’t think so.

  8. Jonie Reply

    Shame on you Lauren McLean! A REAL Mayor would be encouraging our community to support each other during this time instead of coaching people to turn on their neighbors. This is not Nazi Germany! This is absolutely unacceptable…I hope the good people of Idaho will rise up and take a stand against this Communist move!

  9. Jon Smithsonsian Reply

    This is the common response by our government tyranny, and we should hunt these people down, and subject them to the courts for subverting our constitutional rights, and convict them of treason, and render to them the constitutional punishment due them.

  10. Derry Reply

    good luck with that woman Boise. She is just getting started. We will see if anyone has learned anything at re election time.

  11. Mary Reply

    JMO: McLean made an effort to self-produce a mayoral PSA from her home, via facebook live. It was credible, well-intended and informed. Keep Idaho Free snipped a piece at the end and put a spin on it. I’ll opine an irresponsible spin. An effective spin if their intent was to raise the hackles of those that won’t take a nano-second to vet the KIF narrative. On her video, McLean may have been too succinct on that specific issue. With a slight elaboration she might have been clearer to all, that citizen “noncompliance” reports are unnecessarily over taxing the 911 system and the resources that support its purpose. Nicole Carr, Ada County Sheriffs Office, said it right. I guess I’m suggesting sometimes we might dig a little before posting. When we polarize over non-issues we unnecessarily erode the synergy of community. Let’s endeavor to stifle that.

    • Sue Reply

      Recall her, She misrepresented herself and her intentions for Boise, if you don’t recall her she can do a lot of damage by time her term is up. She did give a clue in her bio, she worked on Hillary Clinton campaign, Lauren is a leftist !

  12. Ralph52 Reply

    Lived in Idaho in the Seventies and was considering retiring there. But what did I miss here. How did this person get elected to the position of Mayor of the capitol of Idaho. Had heard from some folks “Things have changed in the Treasure Valley, be ready for a shock”. Guess I’ve been away too long..

  13. Rick Rund Reply

    Thanks mary….. You just gave the common explanation of the left, taken out of context, manipulated what was said, etc.
    If those people that had the party want to endanger themselves let them suffer the consequences. We will still stay in our homes and go out only when necessary. We will make our own decisions.
    Here is hoping you are gone next election but knowing Boise is probably now an offshoot of california (college town) she will probably continue to play dictator.

  14. LAB Reply

    We MUST NOT EVER tolerate this heinously vile power-grab by mayors and governors and even our AG here. THERE IS NOTHING TO WARRANT this DESPICABLE Gestapo mentality of these public, ELECTED representatives. NOTHING whatsoever justifies a politicized, repugnant and amoral attack on our rights and privacy!!! Not only MUST there be massive push-back, RECALL PETITIONS must be effectively initiated as soon as possible for every one of these rabidly radical leftists. Thank goodness the U.S. A.G. has declared that these overreach assaults on the citizens are neither legal or appropriate. It is definitely time to quit trying to excuse this horrific slide down a tyranical slope. Stop trying to B.S. all of us by claiming this unconscienable conduct was merely “taken out pf context”. It clearly does NOT corresond to the direct quote posted. This was NO PSA. It was (and is) reprehensible and cannot be regarded as acceptable in the United States of America, ANYWHERE, at ANY TIME!!! These individuals are NOT fit for public office and must be removed as soon as possible. THE TAX PAYERS OF IDAHO ARE NOT GOING TO LAY DOWN FOR THIS!!!

  15. Rick Chilton Reply

    Recall Mayor Lauren McLean now! Her radical liberal agenda will destroy the quality life in Boise, ID.

  16. Janice Neal Reply

    If we allow her to stay she will implement her socialist beliefs ..she will play this power trip. we need to sign the petitions to recall Lorean McLean out of office. We are a Republican State conservative it needs to stay that way

  17. Dubya Gee Reply

    Similar thing happened in California when there was a drought shortly before I fled (escaped) 5 years ago. All cities required neighbors to tattle on neighbors if anyone was seen violating water rationing rules. In my town, it was 100 degrees everyday during the summer and even kids were not allowed a little water in their wading pools for fun. One afternoon, my sweet neighbor and her 3 young children were in their back yard and the kids were begging her to blow up their little wading pool so they could have some cool fun. Mommy finally relented but made the children promise to be very quiet while they went into their tiny little pool because she didn’t want to have the police come and fine them for using excess water. Mommy filled the tiny pool with about 2 inches of water. What a joyous sound it was to hear the little ones quietly having fun on a hot summer afternoon cooling off. No way would I turn this lovely family in to the gestapo and I vowed to not take a shower that night so these little ones could use my water ration that day to have some fun.

    Soon, there will be Pommes D’Marxists littering the streets of downtown Boise and McLean will think it’s cute. Fun fact: San Francisco finally hired workers to steam clean and disinfect the Pommes d’Marxists off the sidewalks and streets (source They make $180,000. a year, some $40,000 more than Mclean makes shoveling her own brand of Pommes D’Marxists for the City of Boise.

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