Democrats Scheme to Destroy Idaho from Within

Progressive Democrats in Idaho are mobilizing in rapid fashion to turn Idaho “blue.”

Many of our larger cities have already turned blue or are in the process.

Sadly, this is the same result in many other states. The leftists move to the urban areas and it is those urban areas that end up controlling a state.

However, we do know that Democrats also take over smaller towns because most states don’t have laws requiring party disclosure in city elections.

In “deep-red” states like Idaho, Democrats don’t have a chance at winning many state legislative races. There are a number of districts they control but stand little chance outside of their strongholds.

As a result, many of them resort to running for local offices like city council, mayor, or school board.

Idaho requires transparency from candidates on party affiliation for state legislative races, county commissioners, assessors, and even the coroner. That’s right, the person whose sole job is to say whether someone is deceased or not, has to declare their party affiliation.

Unfortunately, city elected officials are exempt from this transparency.

Progressive Democrats are exploiting this loophole. This is something that needs to be remedied before it’s too late.

Democrats in Idaho have admitted that they like our elections because we don’t require party disclosure. 

Former House Minority Leader Mat Erpelding told one news outlet, “In nonpartisan races, when we’re not saddled with the ‘D,’ when we are able to run on our values, we have tremendous success in elections.”

And he isn’t the only one with that mindset.

You may remember Evangeline Beechler, the Democrat State Party Chairman, who was caught on video saying they like local elections because they can “hide” their identity.

Beechler even tried to run for city office her self in Caldwell. She was crushed in that race after Caldwell voters found out who she really was.

However, we can’t sit back and hope that is the result in every election.

In speaking to one legislator during the 2020 Idaho legislative session, I heard one particularly disturbing story.

The legislator said that one of their towns was run by an admitted communist!

The individual apparently is the mayor of a small town in Idaho with just over 1,000 people. Because we have not verified this information independently, we don’t want to post the name of the individual.

Sadly, this wasn’t the only legislator to tell us they have very liberal people running their town.

Another legislator in a different part of the state said one of their city council members was liberal. That town only was also small.

The solution to this problem is to require party disclosure in city elections.

This issue is really about candidate transparency. Voters have a right to know who they are electing.

Therefore, during the legislative session, we worked with Rep. Christy Zito (R-Hammett) to draft a bill to require disclosure in city elections.

Several legislators had asked that the threshold for town size be set around 1,000 people. Apparently, there are enough towns in Idaho with 30 people and party disclosure may make it more difficult.

So, during the 2020 Idaho legislative session, we worked to draft legislation that would require party affiliation disclosure in city elections with towns/cities of 1,000 people or more.

Below you will see an image of the draft legislation that we had completed.

Now, we are working with legislators to gauge their interest in making this legislation become law in Idaho.

Additionally, we polled Idahoans on our Facebook page about this issue. We asked them if they felt knowing the party affiliation of city candidates would be useful information.

Over 94% said it would be useful!

The bill is likely going to face strong opposition from the Idaho Democrat Party for obvious reasons. It takes away their ability to “hide” in local elections.

Finally, the Idaho Association of Cities is likely to oppose the bill.

Some people are going to claim how you run a city doesn’t matter based on party affiliation.

Does anyone really believe the city of Seattle is the same as the city of Emmett?

Or, what about the city of Sandpoint which is run by a radical leftist mayor? Their city council spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on 54 trashcans!

In conclusion, Idahoans need to have this information transparent for our elections.

What do you think?

Do you support requiring party affiliation disclosure in city elections? Let us know in the comments below.

22 thoughts on “Democrats Scheme to Destroy Idaho from Within

  1. James Apostolou Reply

    I think this is a great piece of legislation and is preemptive in nature..let’s do this!!

  2. Tammi Syrett Reply

    Absolutely we need to know their party affiliation! It is imperative that we keep Idaho a free Republican State.

  3. Kim Reply

    Absolutely, we should know the ideology of the people who want to be… “public servants”. If they won’t answer then it should be noted.

  4. Jeriann Reply

    Party line voting is a major part of what keeps the populace uninformed. Choosing someone because of their party affiliation instead of their values perpetuates ignorance and corruption.

    • Laura Reply

      I don’t live in Idaho yet. I don’t agree with Jerisnn’s comment. I think people who don’t vote the party line are missing the big picture. For me the big picture is three issues, the1st and 2nd amendments and Supreme Court Justice appointments. County and city elections are stepping Stones in many political careers. Get out and vote!

      • Becca Reply

        Yeah, okay, Laura. That’s rather narrow minded to the actual needs of Idahoans. Guess what? The Republicans are just as bad as the Democrats at telling people to shut up and put up. You mention ‘hey, we maybe should spend money on infrastructure not just in the Boise area, you know, fix up the roads in other parts of the state’. No matter who it is, they say ‘shut up, you don’t matter.’ Oh, and when people say ‘hey, maybe we should actually give people the money they worked for so they can feed their family,’ they say ‘If they want to make more money, they should work for it.’ Meanwhile, both parents are working two jobs just to make it. I’ve seen it since the 80s.

        Yeah, we should know what party someone is or not, and thus what bullshit they’re selling. So, yeah, voting along party lines, no matter what party, only lets the same jerks continue to control our lives and lie to us about getting anything done. Please don’t come to Idaho, Laura, people like you are what are ruining the state.

  5. Pamela Mikolyski Reply

    Yes, that is important to disclose the party.. I love my solid RED STATE.. what ever it takes to keep my state free and uphold the constitution. I’m all in…

  6. Dwight Emmons Reply

    Definitely! We’re beginning to feel the creep of Democratic policies via our town council up here in Coeur d’Alene.

  7. Sheryl Hill Reply

    It’s ironic that a story about Democrats “hiding” their identity in nonpartisan elections was written anonymously and is published on a website that does not disclose the name of the person or persons responsible for creating it, nor discloses how the payments for decals and the contributions solicited through the website are used. Why won’t you, who claim to work to preserve “The Last Hope for a Free World!” identify yourself?

    • Greg Pruett Post authorReply

      The name of the publisher is right there for everyone to see. Did you ask about where the money from decals is spent? Didn’t think so. Do better research before you make yourself look like a fool.

  8. Jason chase Reply

    I concurred, party affiliation is a must, it says allot about a candidate

  9. Matthew Montoya Reply

    I don’t believe this would be necessary if you are an informed voter. This would actually discourage informed voting for many if you are only voting party lines, instead of placing the qualifications of the candidate foremost in applying for a position, especially in roles that should remain non-partisan for the best interests of the municipality.

  10. Shannon McCalla Reply

    The scaremongering title of this piece is nonsense. I agree with the comment from Matthew Montoya- if the position is non-partisan, you should care more about the individual’s qualifications than his party affiliation.

    • Jim Reply

      This is so important that we know who these people are representing us. We recently changed Eagle’s local government from blue to red. Leading up to the election I don’t think many people had any idea not only the party affiliation but the dangerous “progressive” path some were following. Until the laws change so they can’t hide, go to the voters registration site and check their affiliation before you vote for them.

  11. Jon Jacobson Reply

    A candidate can say one thing and do another. Party affiliation says it all.

  12. Linda Reply

    Not having to declare party affiliation for city and county positions is EXACTLY how the city councils of San Francisco turned into a pack of rabid communists, and the surrounding counties all became inbred leftist anti-American radicals. Taxes have escalated out of control, and personal rights have been utterly trodden on. Idaho is ripe as major target for these heinous, amoral trolls trying to take over our local governments. Make sure you know precisely what all candidate’s party affiliations and backgrounds are before you vote for them. It appears that our AG is not even a RINO. He is leaning radical, tyrannical left. We must ensure that our precious state is protected from an infestation of those who would destroy it.

  13. Rick Gramm Reply

    Definitely YES, you need to know the type of person you are voting for. Party affiliation tells a lot about a person and the way they think and if they concur with your way of thinking. I don’t want to vote for a person who is nice to my face, but will stab me in the back down the road.

  14. Scott Reply

    Pass this! Great idea. The liberal communist democrats Are always shady in their dealings. No integrity.

  15. Desiree Reply

    Yes Yes Absolutely I support Transparency of party disclosure of DEMONCRATS.
    Coeur d’Alene Mayor & the Chamber of Commerce,are doing their best to enforce Visions 3 or better know as agenda 21-30. United Nation’s website list Boise as # 38 as the raking SUSTAINABLE CITY . We have to stop this & cap anymore people moving here especially the Northern part of the state. Our infrastructure can’t support all of these people., soon we will not be the beautiful country living state we have been.
    Plus get these ILLEGAL ALIENS out of this state!
    Our legislature has to stand up against this radical communist Govt & Biden/Kamala & go by Idaho State Const. I have set emails & get o reply period. Please tell them No gun Bills No Illegal aliens, No Bide Executive orders, No CCP, No agenda 21, No Trans Genders on special laws or in our schools. same sex Marriages, Abide by God’s Laws, stop turning your back on God & expect Idaho citizens to do the same. America was built of the pillars of in God we Trust, & that is exactly why we are crumbling for our leaders enforce satan’s laws! WE WILL NOT
    abide by their laws & orders.. Help Eastern Oregon become a part of Idaho, more Republicans & the Const Party to remove Dems.
    Please tel them I have tried. Thank You

  16. Craig Reply

    So for all of you who commented you believe party affiliation is not needed, I have a Hypothetical question. If I am a “white supremist” belonging to a white supremist party and wanted to run for the city board and did not have to disclose this fact, you all would be ok with that?
    I support disclosing party affiliation of anyone running for office and also disclosing their ideologies.
    Most conservatives today see Democrates as communist and we do not want them in our great state of Idaho.
    They move into these great cities like CDA, run for local offices and hide behind not having to disclose their party affiliation and their communist agendas. They are like cancer!

  17. Lar Jam Reply

    I would vote to know the party ahead of time. If you don’t list your party that is deceitful and you are into hiding things which I can’t stand from a politician. Although I would never vote for Bernie Sanders, I appreciate that he says he is a Socialist. I get peeved when I see someone pretend to be a “Christian” to get the votes than do everything opposite of what the Bible teaches. You can quickly tell if their a Democrat because they list that they will fight for teachers (like they need help) why don’t they ever “Fight” for janitors? Maybe because they don’t have a strong union that will send them money? They will also say they are for “Healthcare” what they should say is “Free Heath care” anyone that took economics knows nothing is free.

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