The Gem State Heist Part 1: It’s Already Begun Like it Did in Colorado

Years ago I came upon a documentary titled, “The Rocky Mountain Heist.”

The documentary forever changed the way I thought about our political efforts here in Idaho. You can view the full documentary here.

In short, the documentary hosted by Michelle Malkin details how the Republican state of Colorado was flipped to Democrat control in just 10 years from 2004 to 2014. 

The Republicans lost the governorship, both U.S. Senate seats, and both chambers of their statehouse in just a decade! 

Now, the radical left groups in Idaho, liberal politicians in Idaho, and weak-kneed Republicans in Idaho are going to create “The Gem State Heist” and many conservatives here have no idea it’s already happening.

My goal is to present a series of articles that detail The Gem State Heist which is in the beginning stages but closely mirrors what happened in Colorado at the time their state began its path to radical liberalism.

First, in this article, we have to touch on what happened in the state of Colorado.

Many people don’t remember Colorado as the gun-loving, Republican-strong state that it was not many years ago. But as Denver became more and more populated, and with Democrats and liberal groups not making any ground, a new plan had to be instituted to make the changes that liberals wanted.

In “The Rocky Mountain Heist” you will learn about several very wealthy liberals (known as the “Gang of 4”) who held a meeting where they laid out a plan to flip the state to the liberals and fight back against the real conservatives who were holding the line in the Republican Party.

Their plan included funding very liberal organizations, funding candidates to challenge conservative candidates, changing the laws to help them implement their radical agenda, and attacking conservative values in a deceptive way. Millions and millions of dollars were spent funding their operations and it took them just a decade to pull off in a state much larger than Idaho.

You see, that’s the challenge that conservatives and Republicans in general in Idaho are going to have to understand. The liberals in both of the major political parties have long-term visions of changing Idaho the same way Colorado, California, Oregon, Washington, and Virginia were flipped. 

When the liberals were flipping Colorado, they convinced a bunch of unsuspecting Republicans that the conservatives were “radical” and that they must be removed so that the “normal” Republicans can take hold.

What these RINOs didn’t realize at the time is that the radical left didn’t care about them either. The RINOs were the next target once the conservatives were removed from office and the activists silenced or neutered in their ability to fight.

Colorado Republicans will tell you that “they didn’t see the heist coming” and that is the same thing I have heard people from California, Oregon, and Washington say about the Democrat takeover of their states. They didn’t figure out what was happening until it was too late.

The question is, will Idahoans, and Republicans specifically, fall into the same traps and either deliberately or inadvertently help the liberals take over Idaho?

Too many Idahoans think that it can’t happen here.

Establishment Republicans in particular are convinced that Idaho is not touchable. They believe that Idaho is so “red” that it can’t be flipped.

I’m here to tell you that no state is untouchable from the progressive disease sweeping the country, including Idaho.

The liberals in this state will do everything they can to turn Idaho “blue.” Let me show you just one example I pulled from Twitter just a few days ago (March 30th, 2021).

Here is a screenshot (look at the top comment) of a Democrat who says that he registers as a Republican to fight against the Republican “crazy”:

This comment in particular was about the announcement that State Senator Mary Souza (R-Dist. 4) was running for Secretary of State. Souza is no hard-line conservative. She’s a moderate within the party and the liberals are still saying they will come after her.

On the Idaho Freedom Index (more on that in another article) her 2021 score is a 55.9% as of this writing. Where I come from, that’s a failing grade. 

Yet the liberals in Idaho are going to do everything they can to attack even her in an election.

These radical liberals will do everything they can to stop conservatives in Idaho and we’ll detail more of their plans in future articles on The Gem State Heist.

Idaho is a much smaller state than other states the liberal takeovers have worked in. Idaho would take less money and there are fewer people to deal with here. Idaho may be one of the easier states for the liberals to flip if we aren’t careful and if we don’t fight back with everything that we have and help those trying to stop the liberal movement.

Unfortunately, The Gem State Heist is already underway.

Despite what is already happening in Idaho, you can make a difference, and you can help be a part of stopping the Gem State Heist from ever being completed.

However, it is imperative we learn to recognize who is undermining the effort to save Idaho.

The people doing this are both liberals and so-called “Republicans.” 

We must also be able to identify the people who are trying to stop this madness from happening. You’ll know most of the time who these people are because they are the ones constantly under attack by the media and the RINO establishment.

Buckle up, because the state of Idaho needs your help and the fight is going to be unlike anything you have experienced before.

Don’t want to put your name out there and get in the trenches? Then be sure to support those who are doing the hard part of fighting against these radical leftists and their RINO enablers.

In Part 2, we will begin exposing some of the key liberal groups who have mobilized in recent years to fight against the conservative agenda. 

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