Should Idaho Ban Boys from Competing in Girls’ Sports? Yes!

A new bill introduced by Rep. Barbara Ehardt (Republican – Idaho Falls) would limit biological high school boys from competing in high school girls’ sports and vice versa.

Let the label lynching and “cancel culture” from the left begin.

Radical progressives have launched a smear campaign to try and paint Rep. Ehardt as “transphobic.”

In typical leftist fashion, they want Rep. Ehardt to resign.

Some are going to claim that Idaho doesn’t need such a bill. They claim that Idaho has bigger things to worry about.

If you want to keep Idaho free however, these are the types of issues that you have to defeat now, not after they become a problem.

It’s time for Idaho to begin preempting these radical progressive ideas.

Males have distinct physical advantages. These advantages have already been exploited in other states.

Men are breaking women’s records in track and “winning” championships they would never win if competing with other males.

Where are the radical feminists on this issue?

What better way to protect women than preventing men from dominating their sports in unfair competition?

Rep. Ehardt should be applauded for her efforts to protect women’s sports.

We call on the Idaho legislature to pass Rep. Ehardt’s legislation and for all Idahoans to contact their legislators and let them know they support Rep. Ehardt’s efforts.

4 thoughts on “Should Idaho Ban Boys from Competing in Girls’ Sports? Yes!

  1. Gary E. Fussell Reply

    Yes I agree with rep. Ehardt’s position boy should do there sports and girls there sport.

  2. Gayle Forrest Reply

    It doesn’t matter if boys take hormones and think they are girls. They still are bigger, have greater muscle mass and stronger than girls. It is not a contest, girls will always lose!

  3. Paula Reply

    Even hormone therapy does not reverse the physical effects of testosterone on a biological boy’s body, making them stronger because they have more muscle mass, bigger and heavier with greater bone density, and greater lung capacity than age matched girls. This puts them in a position of advantage when competing against girls and places girls at risk of physical injury in contact sports and unfairly discriminates against them in competitions of strength, speed or endurance. This makes them less likely to win in key competitions where college scouts may be present or watching the results of key championship events. This is exactly why Title 9 was established: to allow girls equal access and opportunity in sports!! Allowing biological boys to compete in girls sports is a slap in the face to women’s athletics and reverses 50 plus years of progress and hard work by true blue XX women and girls. Come on!!

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