Sandpoint, Idaho, Spends $224k on 56 Trash Cans

The city of Sandpoint, Idaho, took to Facebook on Tuesday, June 30, 2019, to boast about spending nearly a quarter of a million dollars on 56 new trash cans.

Okay, to be fair, the city calls them “smart waste collections bins” and “more effective garbage solutions,” but they’re still just trash cans—fancy, overpriced trash cans to be sure, but trash cans nonetheless.

You might wonder why would the city do this? Sandpoint Mayor Shelby Rognstad (pictured right) offers a glimpse into the city’s reasoning:

“It also reduces greenhouse gas emissions. This all leads to a calmer, more sustainable environment and livable community.”

(You might remember Rognstad as the mayor who decided to submit a resolution claiming to be on behalf of all people of Sandpoint, Idaho, welcoming Syrian Muslim refugees back in 2016.)

The city also assures us that these cans are “tamper resistant and sealed.”

Perhaps we could dispose of some politicians in them!

3 thoughts on “Sandpoint, Idaho, Spends $224k on 56 Trash Cans

  1. Jan Reply

    Perhaps starting with the mayor. Sounds like it’s time to change mayors. $4000 for a trash can-and it still needs to be emptied.

    Time to change out the mayor and elect someone with common sense-not expensive taste.

  2. Julie Reply

    Do you believe everything you read or hear about trash you buy or do you see how it works for yourselfs. I think you did not need these new ones the old ones work just fine. You should of bought more if them ! !

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