Reclaim Idaho Throws in The Towel on Ballot Initiative to Raise Taxes!

The coronavirus has changed a lot in our country.

In particular, with campaign season in full force, candidates for public office are changing their strategies.

“Social distancing” is requiring candidates to reconsider a door-to-door strategy and meet and greets.

Additionally, for one political organization, the virus became too much.

Reclaim Idaho, a progressive group dedicated to turning Idaho into the next California has thrown in the towel on their latest ballot initiative.

The newest ballot initiative effort by Reclaim was going to raise taxes on Idaho businesses and those they deemed “wealthy.” Remember, this is the same group that pushed costly Medicaid Expansion on Idahoans.

Now, the coronavirus has decimated its strategy.

Because people are distancing themselves from each other, gathering signatures became difficult.

As time went on, and public events shut down, Reclaim’s ability to gather large amounts of signatures in a short amount of time became obsolete.

Their ability to gather signatures at libraries, schools, and other public locations is gone. Door-to-door campaigning is also not feasible.

So, after months of gathering signatures for their initiative, they had to call it quits.

If there is a “silver lining” from the coronavirus, this would be it.

Idaho doesn’t need more radical progressive ballot initiatives. Sadly, this is not the last we will see of Reclaim Idaho.

We anticipate they will be back again next year.

Idahoans better wake up soon and demand a repeal of the ballot initiative process or it will do to us what it has done to California.

California, Oregon, and other western states have been decimated by the initiative process. Truthfully, progressives have found it the best tool for transforming Idaho into a socialist state.

Now, they have turned their sites on Idaho.

The question is, how much longer do we have? Do we have five years, ten years, twenty years or something time in between?

For now, Idahoans have been spared another massive tax hike. However, Reclaim Idaho is not going to give up.

They will be regrouping and strategizing for the best path to enact their failed socialist policies in Idaho. In the political arena, victory belongs to those that show up.

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