Radical Reclaim Idaho Files Ballot Initiative for Tax Increases on Idahoans!

We have been warning Idahoans that our state is going to come under attack from numerous ballot initiatives.

While historically Idaho has had very few ballot initiatives submitted and a very small number that have passed, that doesn’t mean it will always remain that way. The 2018 Medicaid Expansion initiative should be looked at as the starting point for a radical shift in Idaho political methodology.

You see, Reclaim Idaho spent the better part of the summer traveling around the state to talk to citizens in Idaho about the initiative process and how “wonderful” it is. Why? Because Reclaim Idaho and radical progressives have no ability to pass their radical agenda in Idaho’s legislature. Therefore, the ballot initiative process gives them the ability to go around the legislative process.

Now news has broken that Reclaim Idaho is going to be pushing a new initiative in 2020 to raise taxes on Idahoans in order to dump more money into our failing education system.

And just like they did with Medicaid Expansion, they have come out with a clever way to deceive Idahoans into voting for this tax increase.

In order to push this new initiative onto the ballot and into law, Reclaim Idaho is telling Idahoans that they will save money on their property taxes. Idahoans are sick and tired of property tax increases and this “save money” lie is a clever way to deceive unsuspecting voters into supporting their cause.

You can rest assured that the media and big-money education groups are going to help them try and pass the initiative as well. Additionally, the radical left will pay its “volunteers” to go out and collect the signatures necessary and go door-to-door to collect signatures and pass out their propaganda.

Idahoans must be ready to push back against these lies. We must also tell our legislators that we want the initiative process repealed. It is the only way to save Idaho.

The clock is ticking.

If Idaho doesn’t remove the ballot initiative process completely, we will end up like Oregon, Washington, Colorado, or California.

The progressives in this country have figured out that they can have their mob rule using the ballot initiative process, and the use of this tool is spreading rapidly in “Red” states.

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