Nampa Bar Threatened by ISP with Alcohol License Revocation

It would appear that Gov. Little is not messing around when it comes to threatening businesses that hold state licenses.

So far, a number of bars across the state are opening up early so they can try and survive.

However, bars are not supposed to be open until June 13th. That’s still another month away!

Gov. Little already sent the ISP to Hardware Brewing Company in Kendrick, Idaho to threaten their license.

Now, Slicks Bar in Nampa is getting the same threat from the state.

Despite the threat, Slicks Bar owner, Shelia Sartorius, says they will not back down.

KTVB reports:

Sartorius says everything was business as usual until Wednesday when Idaho State Police called the bar, then paid them a visit.

“What they told us is that our local mayor did not have the authority to open up our business,” Sartorius said. “What they said is she has the ability to make the laws stricter, she doesn’t have the ability to loosen them.”

The troopers gave Sartorius a copy of the reopening guidelines and had her sign an ‘on-premises’ inspection report.

Sartorius says she believes ISP wasn’t trying to shut her down, though they do have authority over the state’s liquor licenses.

“The verbiage that they used is that we may lose our liquor license,” she said. “Not that we will, it is ‘may,’ if they choose to pursue it.”

So she contacted the mayor’s office for clarification.

“I got an email back from the lieutenant of the police department, basically reiterating, restating what they had already said that when she allowed us to open,” Sartorius said. “She said she wasn’t guaranteeing our state license.

What do you think of the threats against these establishments trying to survive?
Do you think they should have their licenses revoked? We don’t believe they should.
It’s time to re-open Idaho and get people back to work.


7 thoughts on “Nampa Bar Threatened by ISP with Alcohol License Revocation

  1. Sheila Sartorius Reply

    Our hope is that our governor has more important things to focus on than going after small businesses like mine . We are a small family bar business. And it’s our family that we are taking care of

  2. Noel Reply

    I believe that a business owner, inAmerica, has the right to pursue their business enterprise under the terms of THE LAW. ONLY congress can change the laws and governors cannot arbitrarily change the laws or modify them.

  3. Rick Gramm Reply

    What’s the difference, lose your liquor license or your business? Either way you’re screwed.

  4. LBill Reply

    Brad Little needs to reflect on what the other states have done that didn’t even shut down. He apparently has forgotten which party he belongs to, but he can darn well bet that the voters will not forget his conduct for his next election. Pack your bags now, Little. The more we are learning, it is clear this debacle of a shut-down was far more a response to the hysteria (being ginned by the Dems and the MSM) than it was ever an approrpriate and thoughtful intervention. The least Little could have done is give more authority to local jurisdictions than his heavy-handed Gestapo tactics. He has been a shameful disgrace to Idaho, and I welcome whoever will be running as his opposition down the road. They will have my full support, and I am far from alone in this sentiment. Time to remember WHO THE TAX PAYERS ARE, AND WHO YOU WORK FOR! It is NOT the other way around.

    • Tom munds Reply

      Not all edicts are lawful and no government official in the public trust has lawful authority to suspend GOD GIVEN RIGHTS EVER! if they attempt to do so they are tyrants! Orders are not law, lawful laws are lawful bot unlawful ones, even unlawful laws passed by the legislature are unlawful. This poses several problems. 1. The state should not own the monopoly on liquor when monopolies are unlawful. The ISP could (unlawfully) in effect act as littes nazi SS doing the totalitarian bidding of a weak dictator. 3. Conflict of interest in selling alcohol, owning the monopoly that removes competition from the private sector, 4. Controlling alcohol while telling you its a privilege to buy it but it isnt one to cite me, arrest me as a form of tripple or quadruple taxation? This state has lost its freakin marbles like the rest of the nation. 5. No government entity can lawfully pick and choose classes of people or businesses because it is an inequal apllication of law and furthermore has no lawful authority to determine who is essential and can eat and who is unworthy! DOES NO ONE HAVE ANY SENSE ANYMORE?!

  5. Lorraine Roberts Reply

    Well, I see it this way, most democratic governors are trying to screw the American people. There is no reason why they can’t open safely. This is no pandemic, it’s a lie. If they do open, are arrested, or lose their license, then the owner can sue the state. Either way, they will win, because it’s unconstitutional, what the governors are doing. Only problem, the state pays the bill.

  6. Rick V Reply

    Brad Little is showing how LITTLE INTELLIGENCE HE HAS. Why doesn’t he look inside Idaho govt. and see how many positions are non essential and tell those people to go home without pay. We all know how that would go over. Why doesnt he grow a set and work with small business rather than forcing them into loosing their business or forcing them into bankruptcy. For every business that closes I hope he realizes that he is to blame for their demise. I thought a governor was to lead not destroy. I will have to say Butch Otter wouldn’t be doing this he was for small business and wanted to see them prosper. Brad Little and his mediocre brain will not be forgotten next election. If he had a set he would stand up for Idaho and be a leader that the rest of the country could look up to, but he doesn’t care about this state and the people that make Idaho Great

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