Gov. Little Threatens Bar and Salon Owners with License Revocation

Gov. Little is apparently going to take out his frustrations with disobedient businesses on salons and bars.

While Gov. Little can’t do much to most businesses, he can to those who require a state license to operate.

From Boise State Public Radio:

Idaho is five days into the state’s phased re-opening. More retail businesses are opening up, and houses of worship are allowed to open. But some business owners are choosing to violate the state’s plan by reopening early. Speaking on Idaho Matters Wednesday, Gov. Brad Little (R) says these violations are “incredibly disrespectful” to the majority of businesses that are following the rules.

Little says the state will consider revoking a professional, or other Idaho-issued licenses should a business not follow his phased in reopening plan.

“If it’s a cosmetologist or somebody that has a liquor license, they are putting their license at risk,” he says.

That threat is enough to keep many bars from even attempting to open.

For instance, Evan Pruett from Pocatello, Idaho owns Hooligans Pub and Deli.

He and his wife want to open their facility like a restaurant on May 16th but aren’t sure what Gov. Little will do. They don’t know if he’ll say they aren’t a restaurant and shut them down despite the fact that they sell food.

See their story here:

What do you think of Gov. Little’s threat to revoke licenses for bars and salons who try to open early to save their families?

8 thoughts on “Gov. Little Threatens Bar and Salon Owners with License Revocation

  1. Bonne McFarland Reply

    I am so disgusted with Gov. Little what an unforgivable thing to threaten!!!!! I am ashamed to say that I voted for this man. I certainly thought he was more of a decent human being than this. He has lost mine and my family’s votes forever!!!!!!! Ashamed!!!!!

  2. Ron Miller Reply

    I do believe Little is getting a little Hitlerish about his position in the state and trying to show a little to much authority!!!! Where has he shown that Idaho residents are at risk above any other flu, not!!!! That statement could cause his retirement from state politics!!!! Lost my vote!!!!

  3. Yvonne Reply

    I do not own a bar or a salon so I don’t have to worry about this, BUT, I do think it is wrong to” threaten “ a business or a salon because it needs a license to operate! I think he is suffering from “ Little “ man syndrome and that it is his way to get them to comply with his rules! I also think he’d think a lot differently IF he had to make his living in a different industry other than than the cattle and sheep business! How would he feel if he needed to feed his family while owning a bar? A salon? From what I see on FB, he is losing a lot of support from his tyrannical dictatorship! I voted for him but I don’t know that I would again? He is a disappointment as far as a governor goes in this latest mandate!

  4. Steve. Reply

    Well that sucks..not surprising….I voted for this is what Idaho wanted …now he will tear out the foundations of family’s that don’t play his game..kinda like the real Nellie Olsen..

  5. Wendy kelpin Reply

    Disgusted with our supposed Republican governor who is NOT USING DATA to show the real story. It’s over. Give it up you power hungry dictator! Quit making it difficult. We are adults that can wash our hands and socially distant with out YOU telling us how to.

  6. Valentine Reply

    I voted for Labrador.I guess that there are many wolves in cheap I mean sheep clothing

  7. Loretta Mendes Reply

    I too am so disappointed in our republican governor. He’s in line with the democrats. Also I am so angry that he vetoed the bill that was unanimous by the legislature compensating those who have been imprisoned wrongfully What is this man thinking? I too am sorry I voted for him

  8. angry citizen Reply

    Making threats when he continues to get his own hair cut since the stay home order went into effect is a bit hypocritical. Nice Hair Brad…. I doubt your wife is that professional with shears and clippers. Brad also refuses to answer questions on UI benefits for the self employed set to return to work Saturday. Why is that? Likely because none of us will see a penny of the cares act funds once we return to work after months forced to shut down. Thanks Brad for always only thinking of yourself. No one fussed last fall when people were sic with covid and tests couldn’t determine what they had and there wasn’t any hype over insane amounts of deaths either.

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