Gov. Little Sends State Police to Threaten Restaurant Owner that Opened Early

Well, things seem to have escalated quickly.

While Gov. Little can’t do much to enforce his order against most businesses, he can against some.

For instance, any business where the state controls your business license can be bullied by the governor. Salons and bars, for example, must have a license from the state to operate.

Hardware Brewing Company recently opened its doors and even had Republican State Party Chairman Raul Labrador and Lt. Governor Janice McGeachin in attendance.

Sadly, Gov. Little sent the Idaho State Patrol to threaten the owners with revocation of their alcohol beverage license and possible jail time.

The Idaho Freedom Foundation has posted images of the letter itself.

Is that what Idahoans want from their government? This business, which is technically a restaurant, is simply trying to survive and feed their families.

A number of bars and salons across the state are trying to follow the guidelines for “social distancing” but are opening earlier than Gov. Little’s plan.

They are desperate for income to feed their families. They can’t just go get new jobs.

There are no new jobs because Americans are unemployed right now.

For many business owners, this is their only source of income and they have already been without it for over a month and a half. Bars have been told not to open until June 13th!

Do you agree with Governor Little sending the police to do his dirty work?

Let us know in the comments below!


40 thoughts on “Gov. Little Sends State Police to Threaten Restaurant Owner that Opened Early

    • Danielle crump Reply

      No!!! Open ! I don’t Want to sit on my ass and collect unemployment like the lazy people would love to do I actually want to be at work please let me go back to work

    • Angie Reply

      I am amazed people are willing to allow their civil liberties be infringed upon. Those that are of poor health should stay home–the others should be allowed to live free which in turn will help our economy to recover. Does this denying of freedoms really change the fatality rate? This infringement is the kind of thing I always heard non-free societies endorse.

    • Jeramie Reply

      Hell no, I don’t agree open up Idaho . There is no reason to have it closed

    • Helen Collinson Reply

      I am so disappointed and disgusted with Gov Little and so regret voting for him. What he is doing to small businesses like bars and salons is totally wrong. Owners pay small fortunes to the state, county and cities in fees for their licensing….what compensation will be returned to these businesses that have been forced by the state to close? And why are these business being unfairly and unjustly targeted. Is this not the USA…where people are supposed to have rights to choose where and when they want to patronize businesses? It has become very scary and unsettling the control we are allowing our government to dictate what we can and can not do. Please DO NOT re-elect Gov. Little. The new posted moto at my business ” Gov Little does very little to support little businesses”.

    • Debby Reply

      Keep Idaho Free!!! Open ALL Idaho Business NOW! Governor Little Stop the Draconian Rule????

      • Kristina Bond Reply

        This is completely ridiculous!
        Going to see how many lives he can destroy before he’s voted out! Super!

        • Ami Walker Reply

          We never should’ve been closed in the first place. Open your doors businesses! We will come! Patrons unite! Quarentine needs to be ended. People need & want to go back to work. We want to go out & eat. We want our country back!!!

  1. Heidi Smith Reply

    Unfortunately, too many of our state agencies are headed up by political appointees of either Otter or Little, and they are more than willing to play Little’s political games. When I saw the headline I wondered if it was the same bar where Labrador and McGeachin had attended the re-opening….and indeed, it is. You’d think Little might take a hint from his own party chairman and his Lt. Gov., but apparently not. He’s already made it clear that he intends to override any input from any of our legislators.

  2. Gregor Philyaw Reply

  3. Mary E Booth Reply

    Let us open our businesses!! This is ridiculous! every store you walk into his packed the roads are crazy yet we can’t open our doors till the end of June?! This is wrong on so many levels

  4. Rick Knott Reply

    Governor Little is a Democrat in Republican clothing.

  5. Ken thomas Reply

    Rediculous……..Nazi germany……this is what it has come too…….watch out people…..this is how it starts.

  6. Ron Miller Reply

    Let the goose steppin dance begin!!!! This a test to determine if the sheeple will little boys and girls!!!! These are very tense times with voter fraud etc!!!! What will be the problem around general election time to make a mail in ballot mandatory???? Ill bet the dead are votin absentee right now!!!!

  7. J. Sorg Reply

    If they abide the social distancing rules, sanitizing, its alot safer then going to Walmart, Home Depot, etc. Self employed people need to get back to work. Give them credit for having common sense, they don’t want to get sick. They want to feed their families & not lose their homes. Most of rural Idaho doesn’t apply to urban cities & they are hurt the worse!! Let the salons & small businesses open!!

  8. Daniel Geske Reply

    By now our knowledge and data has become more clear about stages and phasing we need to become healthy again.

    Look at it this way we don’t have California’s governor over us that’s a good thing!

    Leadership must be in constant close touch with the needs of the people and use firm steps but should not go outside our Constitutional freedoms our Founding Father’s designed to keep Americans free and happy! People are starting to lose hope and too much authoritarianism may and will backfire on which a moderate problem could become a bigger disaster than the diesease itself; in which would have dire consequences that would be irreversible!

  9. Jessica Morrison Reply

    Wrong! The small business owner should be allowed to work!

  10. Jane Emery Reply

    Chicken Little needs to go. He did some good at the beginning, but he has sold out. No way he should be threatening his employers with anything.

  11. Lana Erickson Reply

    Be sure to sign the Recall petition! The Little man has to be recalled!! The Little man has to know his days are numbered! Idaho can do better than Bradley Little!!
    We are still the land of the Free!!

  12. Pam Thomas Reply

    A bar can practice social distancing just as much as any other business. If for some reason you don’t think a person who drinks can abide by the rules and maybe all liquor stores grocery stores convenient stores restaurants/bar should ban the sale of alcohol

  13. Sally Bair Reply

    Time to let those that fear for their lives due to Covid stay home. Let the rest of us get back to work. It should be a choice.

  14. Mark Spinks Reply

    When the President was beginning to mention it was time to open the economy, Little signs the 21 day stay at home order. Talk about being behind the curve!! At the time, Idaho may have had all of 50 deaths and I doubt most were really attributed to Covid19.

    Little is just giddy because the VP called out Idaho as one who was following guidelines and I’m sure he’s pulling this crap to stay in favor. Well….speak of being behind the curve….read the room. The President and VP have moved on. No more daily briefings. States are opening. Business is setting in place how they will open. And…..look at the fiasco in Texas where the salon owner was sent to jail! That was a PR nightmare! One that Little should want no part of, but what do you know….he’s stepping in it. Who is advising this guy?

  15. Capt. Karl Reply

    DEPLOY THE AMERICAN MILITIA FREEDOM FORCES (AMFF) of The Second Amendment Law, operating under Article I Section 8 clause 15 of The Constitution to “Execute The Laws of The Union”, which are specifically designed and drafted by The Founding Fathers to protect unalienable INDIVIDUAL Rights against Municipal, County, State and Federal encroachments against LIFE, LIBERTY and PROPERTY. We Americans need to MAKE A STAND against the anti-Constitutional acts against our God endowed Rights, and deploy our AMFF units asap!

    Like we did at the Bundy Ranch at The Battle Of Bunkerville, and at The Harney County Resource Center for Public Constitutional Education, where we stopped Hillary Clinton’s Uranium One deal with Putin and stopped the Russian Mining Operation at Steens Mountain. And, we eventually got Dwight and Steve Hammond, by Presidential Pardon that would NEVER HAVE HAPPENED if it wasn’t for us, released from Double Jeopardy.

  16. Lee Serve Reply

    Social distancing should be a choice not an order. we as people have a right to govern our own bodies and make our own choices. If we chose to go to anywhere the out come of that choice is on us. We have had our rights taken away to govern our selfs and choices. It is so sad the we as people freely surrendered them.

  17. Kevin T Reply

    Things are at a critical breaking point. They came in plain clothes, and insisted they were only the messenger, and even lied to them and said the letter and order are constitutional. Thay is a flat out lie! You violated your oath. Bad things are coming.


    Contact the federal Marshall and start filing charges for violation of 18-241&18-242 against every single individual that participated in this including the governor.

  19. deborah muller Reply

    very sad indeed.these politicians better remember that they are elected and can be replaced. I wont forget. our numbers are no where as high as they were projected and while 67 deaths are tragic, pretty sure closing down an entire state for so long was unnecessary. Find itis really sad that the mayor of Boise is keeping salons and tattoo places closed when all the other cities are opening on the 16th. Those businesses will lose customers for sure. How unfair is that. Better wake up Idaho if not we will be just like California in 10 years.

  20. Dance king Reply

    1.8 million Idahoans and 66 dead. Get real people open back up and let the people sick stay home and let everybody get back to work.

  21. Randy Reply

    Hoping Idaho will step up and remove this tyrant. Uphold the constitution or get out of the way.
    Remember, you work for we the people, not the Dems.

  22. Scott Postma Reply

    Businesses should reopen now. Gov. Brad Little should be fired. Idaho should stand up and stay free!

  23. Tony Bilbao Reply

    By the Constitution of the United States, it is illegal for any government entity to close any business down unless they actually broke any laws that were previous to COVID-19. There is NOTHING in previous laws stating anything about any pandemics. Also, every business is vital to the families who own them. Therefore, all businesses are essential. To take away a person’s living is to take away their life. We DO NOT need more poverty-stricken people on the streets living in boxes. OPEN IDAHO BACK UP!

  24. Janine Lazier Reply


  25. Ron Jenkins Reply

    I’m all for policing ourselves. If I want to go and get dinner and a drink I should be able to … And if the places are following the “set agendas” and they are too full. Heck I’m smart enough to find a different place. But, I will support our business and the state should never bully any establishments. Do we to teach bullying at the state level now. ??? Even first graders know about bullying…

  26. Debbie Overman Reply

    Little needs to be removed from office. This whole COVID19 PLANDEMIC is a hoax so that the Illuminati can get their mandatory vaccinations and microchips into people, whereby they will be able to control and kill off whomever they choose. Not to mention tracking our every move, purchase, friend, relative…you get the picture! We need a governor like they have in South Dakota. She allowed the people their freedom and asked them to use common sense! I have to wonder what the Deep State has on Little. After all they blackmail other politicians all of the time to help them pass their agendas. Oh and here is the best part. We cannot even get our Absentee Ballots because the computer system is over taxed and cannot take all of the requests. We should be voting in person, but oh no, fear of the fake Coronavirus and now thousands of Idahoans won’t be able to vote! Gee don’t you think someone should have checked with IT to see if they would be able to handle the requests before demanding that everyone request an Absentee Ballot? If find it all a little too convenient.

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