CSI Trustee Candidate: “We are willing to violate that person’s constitutional right…”

Once again, the admission from some elected officials is rather disturbing during the China Virus pandemic.

We have seen mayors, city councilors, governors, and others exercise unconstitutional powers over citizens. The debate continues to this day and so do those willing to violate our rights.

Down in Twin Falls, a College of Southern Idaho trustee candidate open admits she is willing to violate your constitutional rights for “safety.”

Jan Mittleider is running for CSI Board of Trustees Zone 4. Jan is running for her third term as a board trustee.

At a recent board meeting, Mittleider made this stunning admission about the debate over facemasks:

I have personally gotten nothing but very positive feedback, but do understand that there are some that have said ‘I think this is a violation of our constitutional right’, and you should just lay off,’ and I have said we are willing to violate that person’s constitutional right if it means we are providing a safe environment for the bulk of our students and a safe place for employees to work.

This is exactly why Idahoans can’t just pay attention to who is running for President of the United States. There are a lot of important races across Idaho and there are people at all levels of government willing to violate your rights because they believe they have the power to do so.

Idaho is under attack from these radical progressives. 

Get out and vote today and remove these power-hungry people from power.

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10 thoughts on “CSI Trustee Candidate: “We are willing to violate that person’s constitutional right…”

  1. Dixie Lee Dryden Reply

    There is something inherently “twisted” with anyone who refuses to participate in keeping their friends neighbors safe! I would not be at all content if persons in positions of trust, therefore power, were not aware of the basic knowledge that wearing masks works! My Brother and his Wife were here in the house, both thank God, wearing masks. Turns out they ( completely unaware) had been exposed and were indeed infected with COVID. Cattle transport truck driver. They weren’t advised until at least 4 days after the exposure. In that time they unwittingly exposed and infected my Sister, their daughter, her husband and 9 month old baby. of the exposed, my sister and their SIL became Ill. My very elderly Mother and I did not become ill
    Their daughter and baby were not ill either. MASKS WORK! First hand experience. I wear my mask proudly and will contine for as long as necessary. You keep pushing your uninformed blather about freedom and suppression, I for one am very thankful I have the freedom to decide wish to protect my health and that You are full of Bunk!

    • Paul Woods P.E (retired) Reply

      Ms. Dryden: I respectfully differ with your emphatic statement that “MASKS WORK!” I am a retired Professional Engineer with over 30 years experience in the nuclear industry. Much of that time involved maintaining, testing and designing Air Filtration systems for nuclear facilities. I have also been involved in specifying and fitting of respiratory personal protective equipment (masks) for work in hazardous locations. The widely touted 2-layer cloth surgical masks provide no protection for the wearer from airborne virus particulates as the viruses are too small to even be slowed down by the gaps in the fibers of the mask, not to mention the gaps between the mask and the face. What the masks do provide is marginal capture of liquid droplets from coughing, sneezing, loud talking or heavy breathing from the wearer. The effect is not very efficient due to the wide variety of droplet sizes, the fact that once the droplets dry out the virus particles are related from the mask, and the bypass paths through the gaps between the mask and the face. If participating in “Mask theater” makes you feel better, by all means do so, but don’t force me or anyone else who knows better to join you.

    • Steven Feil Reply

      Here is a more simple response:



  2. Karen Terry Reply

    There is no constitutional right to endanger the lives of others! Wear the mask! Take responsibility for trying to curb this disease. What is wrong with people that believe they have a right to endanger lives?

    • Nancy Reply

      Do you also think that people who go out during flu season are endangering people’s health? No government can mandate mask wearing, no working, no church etc. You have the right to give up your rights but you don’t have the right to tell me to give up mine. What you don’t under is that it isn’t about a mask. It is about control! Unfortunately this was too easy! By the way, the mask does not protect you from the corona virus or any other virus. It very clearly states that on the box that your mask is in. Read it for yourself. We would all be dead by now if this was as deadly as they want you to believe. People like you scare the crap out of me!!
      Stay home if you are in fear. The rest of us want to live our lives.

    • Steven Feil Reply

      Here is a more simple response:



  3. Ruth King Reply

    If you are wearing your mask then what is your problem with me not wearing a mask? Your mask will protect you from me and I will be protected from you…..Where did you put your brain when just letting your rights go down the tube for some lie that this mask will protect you. READ THE MASK BOX AND IT TELLS YOU IT DOESN’T PROTECT AGAINST VIRUSES!!!!! WHAT DON’T YOU UNDERSTAND ABOUT THAT????? But by all means, continue to believe your fantasies until you have no freedom at all, you slaves.

  4. Paul Reply

    Your all concerned with the people who have died from the virus. How about the thousands of service members, some brothers in arms that have died for us to have these rights. People have given their lives for these rights some of which are excercised here and is possible because of this, keep this in mind the next time you blatantly talk of willingly violating these rights. A lot of us are still willing to fight for them even if your willing to give them up. Benjamin Franklin stated that those who give up liberty for the purchase of a little safety deserve neither. The road to hell is paved with good intentions. Remember rights given up are harder to get back. We remain the best free country in the world for a reason. Let’s not throw it away.

  5. Jim Staker Reply

    Not only is there NOT a shred of proof that masks do anything but inhibit breathing, but the box the masks come in CLEARLY say that they DON’T protect you from viruses.
    But even if they did work, they would protect you if you’re wearing one, so why do I need one if yours works?

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