Communist Sculpture Erected in Idaho? Yes!

There is a rather large uproar in northern Idaho right now over a piece of “art” that was erected bearing the hammer and sickle of the Soviet Union.

This “art” was not on display in Seattle, Portland, or San Francisco. It was on display in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.

And this wasn’t just a poster or flyer randomly posted for the public to see.

This was a full-blown sculpture known as “Marker #11.”

Communist Russia was responsible for the deaths of tens of millions of people under Stalin’s brutal regime.  The hammer and sickle don’t represent anything that Idahoans care about, and never should have been approved for display.

It’s interesting that at a time when progressives insist on tearing down monuments and art of the Founding Fathers, we are erecting monuments to communism. And it is happening in Idaho!

So, who’s responsible for this sick display?

According to the Coeur d’Alene Press the art was donated to Coeur d’Alene’s “Art Commission” who approved the display on city property. The Mayor is denying having any involvement in the process of approving the art and told the Press that he opposes its display.

Some local residents became infuriated with the display and decided to take action.

Political activist Casey Whalen lead the charge to get the sculpture taken down. Other conservative leaders such as Kootenai County Republican Chairman Brent Regan also became involved in pressuring the city to remove the sculpture.

Online comments, Letters to the Editor at the CDA Press, and phone calls to the Mayor’s office were overwhelmingly in opposition to the display.

Once the pressure poured in, the sculpture came down.

In fact, it took less than three days after the initial pressure started to remove it. This is perhaps the fastest the government has ever moved to rectify a very bad decision.

Communist and socialist symbols and policies have no place in the United States and certainly not here in Idaho.

The question is, who is going to be held accountable for the decision to erect the sculpture in the first place? How much taxpayer money was used to put it up?

That is what the citizens of Coeur d’Alene should be asking themselves.

Demand accountability or they will do it again.

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4 thoughts on “Communist Sculpture Erected in Idaho? Yes!

  1. Brent Regan Reply

    The level of arrogance and hubris demonstrated by the Arts Commission’s leader, commissar Jennifer Riggs Drake is stunning. The Commission receives 1.333% of ALL city capital projects. They spend this taxpayer money without oversight. Commissar Drake owns a downtown business so one has to wonder where he interests lie.

  2. Sam Adams Reply

    I have to disagree with taking the sculpture down. Let me explain, I disagree with removal of any Confederate statues or any thing that represents history. Taking down the Communist sculpture is the same as the PC culture removing civil war history. Communism and the civil war are a part of history we would like to forget, but removing it is just another from of suppression of freedom of speech. It seems now days, if the majority don’t like something, it must be removed, without regarding the Constitution. Keep Idaho Free doesn’t make much sense if it’s only free for a certain group of individuals.

  3. Dueggan Reply

    Removing statues of historical significance to this country is wrong, removing a symbol that has no significant historical meaning to this country should be determined by the people.
    There is a real socialist threat to this country going on today, in a country that represents freedom we should never in brace or promote any inherently dangerous ideologies that would undermine our freedoms.

  4. Dennis J Colligan Reply

    We should run ads in Virginia newspapers inviting all armed Patriots to relocate to Idaho to bolster the Conservative REPUBLICAN presence in Idaho.

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