Can You Carry Firearms Into the Fair in Idaho?

To the best of our knowledge, every fair in Idaho takes place on public property and thus, they cannot prevent you from carrying your firearm.

Idahoans across the state have been or will be attending county fairs this summer.

With the recent attack on innocent people in a “gun-free zone” at the Garlic Festival in California, Idahoans have begun to wonder what their rights are at similar events in our state.

So, what are your rights as an Idahoan to carry a firearm at your local fair?

In 2008 Idaho passed what is commonly referred to as the Preemption statute. This law (18-3302J) prohibits counties and cities from enacting ordinances or rules which prohibit the possession of firearms on public property.

The law is intended to prevent a patchwork of firearm laws across the state so that the law remains uniform and citizens aren’t following the law in one part of the state and then violating it in another. It is also intended to prevent local governments from imposing gun-grabbing tyranny on their citizens.

Because fairgrounds are usually owned by a city or county, they are public property and they cannot prevent you from carrying your firearm onto the property or inside the event! To the best of our knowledge, all fairs in Idaho take place on public property.

However, each year a number of Idahoans from various parts of the state are denied entry into a county fair in violation of the Preemption statute. Most recently, I was denied entry into the Canyon County Fair in Idaho!

You can watch my interaction with the private security firm there by clicking here or on the image below.

After some discussion with the Canyon County Fair staff and a little education for the security working at the gate, we were allowed onto the premises. Their denial of my entry into the fairgrounds was unlawful and we stood our ground and demanded that our rights be recognized!

In addition to this incident, a Lieutenant with the Twin Falls County Sheriff’s Office told citizens to leave their firearms at home and that the government would provide the necessary security. This ill-advised comment drew swift backlash from gun owners.

These two incidents, however, have sparked a lot of questions about what rights you have as you attend these events. Let me assure you that on public property you have a right to keep and bear arms and no county or city can prevent you from possessing your firearm and using it to defend yourself and your loved ones.

Gun-free zones have proven ineffective time and again at stopping killers from carrying out their attacks. The only thing that stops them is someone else with a gun shooting them or the killer turning the gun on themselves.

As the Garlic Festival has proven, these killers will strike anywhere, and they will bypass all security to carry out their atrocity. You are your own best defense in these situations!

We encourage Idahoans everywhere to know their rights and if they are being violated. Stand up and defend them!

9 thoughts on “Can You Carry Firearms Into the Fair in Idaho?

  1. Terry R Anderson Reply

    Happening in Sandpoint as we speak. Summer Festival in Sandpoint.

  2. Ronald Angel Reply

    My understanding is you can carry on all public property except the Legislature in Boise. I’ve seen adds that say NIC is a gun free zone? I’m so confused. I’m also so confused that there are so many paranoid people that have moved into Idaho that they feel the need to carry a gun at all times, but I’ve only been here 67 years so maybe there’s a danger i don’t know of.

    • Idaho Freedom Fighter Reply

      There are no prohibitions against carrying at the state house. There are a number of legislators who do as well as many members of the public. The only places off limits according to Idaho code are a “courthouse; juvenile detention facility or jail; public or private school, except as provided in subsection (4)(g) of section 18-3302D.”

  3. Bryan Christensen Reply

    All events at Bannock county’s wellness center they prohibit weapons. At the concerts held there they even have signs saying they will search your person for guns. All owned by Bannock County.

    • Chery Dunnington Reply

      It’s called “being prepared”. I refuse to be a victim.

      • Joe M Reply

        If a law cities make is unlawful break it. Let them arrest you. Then get paid big time.

  4. Scott Reply

    Ok so please educate the security staff at the western Idaho fair so this will stop! The fair is scheduled for the end of August 2019 . Thank you

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