The 2021 Race Idaho’s Conservatives Must Pay Attention To?

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For the most part, the 2020 elections are over.

Yes, we are still waiting for the results of the Electoral College in December. In a short time, either Joe Biden or Donald Trump will be the 46th President of the United States.

Many Idahoans are about to just stop caring about politics until 2022 when the gubernatorial race is in full stride and to some extent, we understand that sentiment.

Presidential election years are the most exhausting and it is very easy to want to unplug for a few years. That would be a major mistake, especially here in Idaho.

In 2021 conservatives can play an important role in defeating one of the most radical leftists in Idaho: Boise city councilmember Lisa Sanchez.

Despite the mayor of Boise being a radical leftist herself, Sanchez is even more radical. The two of them are helping turn Boise into the next Portland or Seattle.

Let’s recap some of the radical things that Sanchez believes in 

During the summer, Black Lives Matter held a rally at Idaho’s capitol and Sanchez went off on a young man who made a stupid mistake by negligently firing his weapon into the ground outside. The police immediately apprehended the young man and he was ultimately charged for his stupidity. 

Later that evening, Sanchez wrote a disgusting Facebook post (shown at the end of this article) where she claimed that if the young man had been brown or black that the Boise Police Department would have executed him. 

Sanchez offered no evidence that the BPD would act in such a manner, just that the BPD most certainly would have done it.

In the same post, Sanchez closed her rant by saying the reason she chose not to have kids was that she feared white people would abuse and kill them.

Again, can Sanchez point to anywhere in Idaho where white people are routinely or even periodically going around and just executing black or brown people?

Idaho has one of the lowest crime rates in the country for violent crime. We are a state where all people can defend themselves with firearms and there is no discrimination on who can and can’t carry a firearm.

We have no idea why Sanchez feels the way she does about not wanting to have kids, but it certainly isn’t because there is this looming threat that white people will “abuse and murder” them. 

This bleak view of Idahoans, coupled with other rants where Sanchez showed her disdain for white people, and you have to wonder how she ever got elected in the first place.

Sanchez followed up her overt racist remarks with an effort to “defund the police” in Boise just as they were doing in Seattle and Portland.

At a time when Black Lives Matter and Antifa groups were trying to burn down the country, Sanchez wanted to defund our police departments. 

Sure, rioting and burning down the country is okay under Sanchez’s belief system but peacefully protesting lockdowns is not.  Then again, Sanchez is everything that social justice warriors dream of. 

Those are reasons enough for you to be motivated to get Sanchez out of office next year.

But wait, there’s more!

Sanchez also says that openly carrying firearms is a way for white supremacists to intimidate black and brown people.

Nothing like disparaging gun owners to try and prove something that simply isn’t true. Is Sanchez’s contention that people of color don’t carry firearms openly? If she is, that simply isn’t true either. 

Idaho is a place where people of all races can seen carrying firearms openly at gun rallies and other marches for freedom. 

Firearms are a way of life here and we are one of the few states remaining where the ability to exercise our 2nd Amendment rights is mostly intact. That won’t last long with people like Sanchez keep gaining power in Idaho.

Sanchez is a blight on our state. Not because of her gender or race, however. 

The problem with Sanchez is her ideology of victimhood, race-baiting, socialism, and overall desire for the government to have more control over your life.

If Sanchez is allowed to continue in her role as a Boise city councilmember, the ideology will take hold in Idaho. We will be on our way to being just like the rest of the “left coast” states like California, Washington, and Oregon.

It won’t just be Boise that goes down this path either. Other radicals in other cities such as Sandpoint, Coeur d’Alene, and Hailey are already pushing Idaho in a bad direction.

Conservatives have to stop paying attention to just the “big races” in Idaho politics such as governor or U.S. Senate. There are a lot of important races we must all pay attention to. 

Our local races for school boards, city council, and mayor are a few of the very important races that really determine the path of our state.

So, what are we going to do to push back on this radical-left ideology here in Idaho?

First, be sure you are signed up for our newsletter because it is unclear how long we’ll be on some of these major social media platforms. 

Simply go to and get signed up for our free newsletter today.

Second, for now, keep an eye on our Political Action Committee that we have set up called “Keep Idaho Free PAC” as we will soon begin fundraising to help stop Sanchez and other individuals who want to destroy Idaho’s conservative values.

You can follow the PAC progress for now by following the Facebook page here:

It is going to take a lot of effort to oust Sanchez and others like her, and that’s why we need conservatives across Idaho to get in this fight, no matter where you live. The radicals gaining hold in your neighboring cities are a problem for all of us, not just those living in that particular city.

Hopefully, a solid freedom-loving Idahoan who cares about individual liberty is getting ready to run against Sanchez and put an end to her political career.

If you don’t get in the fight now, then don’t complain when it all goes downhill.

Stand and fight with Keep Idaho Free today!

4 thoughts on “The 2021 Race Idaho’s Conservatives Must Pay Attention To?

  1. Linda Michaels Reply

    We need this site to continue giving us the inside news on legislators, council members, and candidates to help Idahoans make voting decisions. This is something the biased newspapers don’t do. The voting pamphlet is a brief white-washed synopsis of candidates in my opinion. Voters need to read the history and voting records for legislators and council members, similar to this article on Lisa Sanchez. It was not until the August extraordinary session on ending the emergency that I learned about Greg Chaney’s background and bias for example, and only because I was viewing the live sessions and videos.

  2. DiAnne Reply

    Sanchez is the epitome of a radical Portland rioter…she needs to go, know! How dare she entertain the idea of DEFUNDING THE POLICE!! Move her to California.

  3. Anna Robare Reply

    Citizens of Eagle Idaho need to be aware of the Social Justice Warrior movement infiltrating the Parks and Recreation Dept. They are now offering LGBTQIA classes for children in their latest Activities Guide for Jan.- April 2021. After complaining to the Mayor and all the City Council members they all plead ignorance! No one will tell me who approved this left-wing propaganda for kids. I recently moved from CA. to get away from this nonsense.
    If you don’t fight against this now you’ll be living in a SOCIALIST STATE with no police, no gun rights, left-wing propaganda will be taught in the public schools, the list goes on and on! FIGHT BACK IDAHO…before it’s too late!

  4. Chris Reply

    I just moved here after working 19 yrs in CA (grew up in PA). I’ve been studying the neo-Marxist/”social justice” movement ever since noticing some red flags in the late 90’s. Folks, we have to fight this proactively! As Anna correctly mentions, they operate by subversive tactics such as indoctrinating youth, infiltration of every institution, etc. Ethical, intelligent conservatives/libertarians/constitutionalists/independents have to seriously consider taking time out from their usual careers to run for office, spending time on the street reaching out to people, or with volunteer orgs., etc. And putting up $$$! I’m still in the process of moving my stuff here, until the end of Feb. I will happily donate some $$$ to orgs. that are working against this nonsense. I welcome any tips re. how/where to begin supporting Idahoans to keep this state free as our nation’s founders intended. (Not sure if I missed the chance to sign a petition to recall the mayor of Boise.)

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