Keep Idaho Free The Last Hope for a Free World Thu, 02 Apr 2020 15:57:24 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Keep Idaho Free 32 32 Idaho Attorney General: Call Police on Neighbors Not Staying Home Thu, 02 Apr 2020 15:51:54 +0000 Everyone in the country is on edge these days.

Isolation tends to have a negative impact on people’s emotions.

Humans will only take the burden of being forced into isolation for so long.

Sadly, when the government encourages people to rat on each other, it only makes things worse.

Many Idahoans were furious about an Idaho Department of Health and Welfare (H&W) form that encouraged us to do just that.

Thankfully, a number of Idaho’s Representatives reached out to the Department to demand answers. We want to thanks Rep. Nichols, Kingsley, Dixon, Christensen, Scott, and others who stood against Nazi-style tattle-telling programs in Idaho.

This was the form the H&W Department posted:

Unfortunately, it wasn’t an April Fool’s Day joke. It was very real.

Of course, Idahoans wasted no time in posting bogus claims in the form. Most of them turned in the H&W Department for being in violation of the constitution.

However, you have to wonder why they felt it was okay to post the form in the first place.

Our hope is that Governor Little will find out who decided to put this form online.

Perhaps, the form was created based on the Idaho Attorney General’s Office recommendations?

Soon after the H&W’s form started circulating, a number of people posted a link to the AG’s “Frequently Asked Questions” guidelines about the Governor’s “stay-at-home” order.

You can see the guidelines here:

The specific paragraph you’ll want to look at is item #3.

So, not only is the AG’s office simply telling people their office doesn’t have the authority to enforce the order, they are encouraging citizens to turn on one another for violations.

Are the AG’s guidelines here where the H&W department got the idea to rat on each other in the first place?

Since when did Idaho become a place where we turn on one another?

If the police are going to patrol neighborhoods to enforce the stay-at-home order, that is what they will do. However, why are we going to encourage people to turn their neithbors in and make it worse?

This is a recipe for abuse and most certainly a recipe for disaster.

We are already seeing civil unrest in countries because citizens are growing weary of government lockdowns.

Now, we are going to “Red Flag” each other for alleged violations?

Most Idahoans are strongly opposed to Red Flag laws. We have warned people that such laws are ripe for abuse, not to mention the constitutional violations.

While the AG’s suggestion is not a “Red Flag” law where your firearms will be confiscated, it does mirror the abuse that will take place.

Under a Red Flag law, someone who knows you turns you in for allegedly being a danger to yourself or others.

It is their word against yours.

Under these guidelines, the police will get anonymous tips from your angry neighbor that you have made some violation of the stay-at-home order.

No evidence will be required other than their complaint.

This will create more tension in our neighborhoods and communities. This tension will push people into desperate situations.

While the AG’s office is certainly correct that they don’t have any legal authority to enforce the order themselves, that’s where they should have left their statement.

By encouraging people to tell on each other, they are going to make the situation worse.

If you wish to contact the Attorney General’s office and voice your opposition to their guidelines, the phone number is 208-334-2400.

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Idaho Heath & Welfare: Turn in Your Neighbors Wed, 01 Apr 2020 21:43:32 +0000 UPDATE: The form has now been removed! We want to thank Rep. Mike Kingsley and others for taking action on this issue. A huge thank you to Idahoans for trolling the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare as well. You can see a screenshot of what the form looked like at the end of the article.

The entire country is on edge right now with the Chinese Coronavirus.

Isolation and being unable to interact with each other is causing many people anxiety, anger, and frustration.

Sadly, the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare is going to make this much worse.

Today, they released a form where Idahoans can turn on their neighbors for violating Gov. Little’s “stay-at-home” order.

Want to know what it’s like living in a state with Red Flag laws? Sadly, this is what it turns into.

Your neighbor, friend, or maybe bitter family member decides you are in violation of the law and they turn you in.

The government then takes action against you without any proof that you have committed any sort of crime. It is unclear from the form the Idaho Department of Health & Welfare released what they intend to do with the information.

You can see the form yourself in the link here:

The form appears to be geared towards Idahoans turning in businesses who are not “essential” and are not complying with the order to close.

Unfortunately, we have turned from treating each other humanely to becoming narcs.

Who’s to say if the person turning another in isn’t doing so nefariously? Sadly, the form may become nothing more than a way to attack someone you disagree with.

This is not the Idaho way.

We do not rat other people out for trying to survive during these difficult times.

The question is, will Idahoans use the form to turn on each other?

Nevermind that the government has forced businesses to close. Nevermind that thousands of Idahoans are out of work.

Now, with some businesses doing their best to social distance and stay afloat, Idaho’s government is going to have Idahoans stab each other in the back.

How long before people turn in their neighbors for walking their dog, playing at the park, or visiting a family member?

So, how can we combat this absurd form?

Contact your State Representatives and ask them to stop this madness.

Let us know in the comments what you think of the Idaho Department of Health & Welfare’s form.

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How to Spot Campaign Conservatives Wed, 01 Apr 2020 19:18:27 +0000 Through the next few weeks, Republicans across the state will pound their chests and boasts of their commitment to limited government. 

You, the unlucky recipient of campaign literature and Facebook ads, will see and hear messages like this: 

I’m pro-gun.

I believe in limiting government.

I’m pro-life. 

I’m pro-family.

I’m a fifth-generation Idahoan who loves this state. 

Just you watch: Those phrases will become nearly ubiquitous in the coming months. 

But, you might ask yourself, if all of our lawmakers are so darn conservative, why does Idaho still have Medicaid expansion? Why did it take 10 years to extricate Common Core from our government schools? Why didn’t we get any tax relief in the 2020 session?

The answer to all those questions: Campaign conservatives. 

Campaign conservatives are a special breed of political critter here in Idaho. They don their American flag pins, profess fealty to Republican ideals, and then quietly vote like Democrats when the gavel drops. 

There is a way to spot these fakers, though. 

The Idaho Freedom Foundation released today its 2020 Idaho Freedom Index report, a comprehensive scorecard that details how lawmakers vote. (Click here to download the final 2020 Idaho Freedom Index report)

IFF analysts use 12 metrics or questions to score bills. (See the metric here) After IFF analysts score a bill, lawmakers vote and earn or lose points. If a lawmaker votes for a +7 bill, she earns 7 points. If he votes for a -7, he loses 7 points. And so on. 

This year’s Freedom Index reveals that many Republican, particularly a few in Eastern Idaho, fall in the Campaign Conservative category. 

Here are a few of the worst: 

Sen. Abby Lee, 46%

Sen. Patti Anne Lodge, 46%

Rep. Jerald Raymond, 52%

Rep. Jarom Wagoner, 53%

Sen. C. Scott Grow, 53%

Sen Van Burtenshaw, 55%

Remember, a 55% means that the lawmaker voted for limited government only 55% of the time in the Idaho Capitol. 

Many lawmakers detest the Freedom Index. They think it’s unfair or biased or whatever.

But the truth is more sinister: These lawmakers don’t appreciate accountability for their votes. 

Consider that the 2019 Idaho Freedom Index scores aligned nicely with the 2019 American Conservative Union Scores. Thus, IFF’s scorecard isn’t an outlier. 

And keep in mind that whatever you think of the Freedom Index, lawmakers usually land in the final tally where you might guess they should. Hard left-wingers fall to the bottom every year, moderate Republicans and Democrats constitute the middle, and those committed to liberty rise to the top. Every. Single. Year. 

If you want fair, aggressive property tax relief, fewer regulations, and conservative governance, it’s time to dispense with the Campaign Conservatives. 

Visit the Idaho Freedom Index main page to research your lawmakers’ votes and read IFF’s bill analyses. 

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Gov. Little: “Arrest Those Outside During the Earthquake!” Wed, 01 Apr 2020 12:00:05 +0000 The Coronavirus used to be all the talk of Idaho.

Now, Idaho has a new biblical problem to deal with.

Yesterday, a 6.5 magnitude earthquake rocked Idaho.

The quake was the largest in recent memory in the Gem State and could be felt as far away as Canada.

While the quake’s epicenter took place nearly Stanley, citizens in seven other states said they felt the quake’s effects.

Generally speaking, when you feel an earthquake your first instinct is to go outside to prevent being crushed by something in your home.

Sadly, Gov. Little was in no mood for Idahoans to disobey his “stay-at-home” order. He demanded that police arrest citizens who were outside during the quake or after the tremors had stopped.

Speaking from a bunker inside his Governor’s Mansion, Gov. Little said, “The coronavirus is still a very real threat to Idahoans. An earthquake is no excuse to go outside unless you are visiting an ‘essential’ state-run liquor store.”

When asked what should happen to those who were outside during the earthquake, Gov. Little responded, “Throw their butts in jail! I don’t’ care if you have to drag them out of a crack in the earth.”

Recent estimates are that police across the state have arrested 30,000 Idahoans and placed them in solitary confinement.

Meridian Police Cheif Jeff Lavey said his jails are full.

“The Governor told us to act to prevent Idahoans from dying from the coronavirus and that’s what we are going to do,” Lavey said.

Coeur d’Alene Police Chief said about people going outside, “We don’t care if it’s an earthquake, tornado, or gas leak. Stay in your homes!”

With Idahoans still shaken up after the Stanley earthquake, the arrests come as a surprise to Idahoans.

“Everything was falling inside my home,” said Stanley resident Napoleon Dynamite.  “Next thing you know, I’m being thrown in the back of a gosh-darn cop car for violating the Governor’s stay-at-home order.

“When I called my friend Pedro to bail me out of jail I told him, ‘Gosh, this is the worst day of my life!'”

It is unclear at this time how Idaho’s prosecuting attorneys intend to charge so many Idahoans.

One thing is clear though, Governor Little will not accept any excuse for going outside while the Coronavirus is still a threat.

“I don’t care if Jesus is coming back. Stay in your homes,” he said.

Happy April Fool’s Day everyone!

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Democrats Scheme to Destroy Idaho from Within Tue, 31 Mar 2020 19:06:46 +0000 Progressive Democrats in Idaho are mobilizing in rapid fashion to turn Idaho “blue.”

Many of our larger cities have already turned blue or are in the process.

Sadly, this is the same result in many other states. The leftists move to the urban areas and it is those urban areas that end up controlling a state.

However, we do know that Democrats also take over smaller towns because most states don’t have laws requiring party disclosure in city elections.

In “deep-red” states like Idaho, Democrats don’t have a chance at winning many state legislative races. There are a number of districts they control but stand little chance outside of their strongholds.

As a result, many of them resort to running for local offices like city council, mayor, or school board.

Idaho requires transparency from candidates on party affiliation for state legislative races, county commissioners, assessors, and even the coroner. That’s right, the person whose sole job is to say whether someone is deceased or not, has to declare their party affiliation.

Unfortunately, city elected officials are exempt from this transparency.

Progressive Democrats are exploiting this loophole. This is something that needs to be remedied before it’s too late.

Democrats in Idaho have admitted that they like our elections because we don’t require party disclosure. 

Former House Minority Leader Mat Erpelding told one news outlet, “In nonpartisan races, when we’re not saddled with the ‘D,’ when we are able to run on our values, we have tremendous success in elections.”

And he isn’t the only one with that mindset.

You may remember Evangeline Beechler, the Democrat State Party Chairman, who was caught on video saying they like local elections because they can “hide” their identity.

Beechler even tried to run for city office her self in Caldwell. She was crushed in that race after Caldwell voters found out who she really was.

However, we can’t sit back and hope that is the result in every election.

In speaking to one legislator during the 2020 Idaho legislative session, I heard one particularly disturbing story.

The legislator said that one of their towns was run by an admitted communist!

The individual apparently is the mayor of a small town in Idaho with just over 1,000 people. Because we have not verified this information independently, we don’t want to post the name of the individual.

Sadly, this wasn’t the only legislator to tell us they have very liberal people running their town.

Another legislator in a different part of the state said one of their city council members was liberal. That town only was also small.

The solution to this problem is to require party disclosure in city elections.

This issue is really about candidate transparency. Voters have a right to know who they are electing.

Therefore, during the legislative session, we worked with Rep. Christy Zito (R-Hammett) to draft a bill to require disclosure in city elections.

Several legislators had asked that the threshold for town size be set around 1,000 people. Apparently, there are enough towns in Idaho with 30 people and party disclosure may make it more difficult.

So, during the 2020 Idaho legislative session, we worked to draft legislation that would require party affiliation disclosure in city elections with towns/cities of 1,000 people or more.

Below you will see an image of the draft legislation that we had completed.

Now, we are working with legislators to gauge their interest in making this legislation become law in Idaho.

Additionally, we polled Idahoans on our Facebook page about this issue. We asked them if they felt knowing the party affiliation of city candidates would be useful information.

Over 94% said it would be useful!

The bill is likely going to face strong opposition from the Idaho Democrat Party for obvious reasons. It takes away their ability to “hide” in local elections.

Finally, the Idaho Association of Cities is likely to oppose the bill.

Some people are going to claim how you run a city doesn’t matter based on party affiliation.

Does anyone really believe the city of Seattle is the same as the city of Emmett?

Or, what about the city of Sandpoint which is run by a radical leftist mayor? Their city council spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on 54 trashcans!

In conclusion, Idahoans need to have this information transparent for our elections.

What do you think?

Do you support requiring party affiliation disclosure in city elections? Let us know in the comments below.

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Gov. Little Signs All Three Controversial Bills! Tue, 31 Mar 2020 04:46:02 +0000 Well, Gov. Little has had quite the limelight with the Chinese Coronavirus.

Shockingly, his decisions on the “stay-at-home” order are not going to be the biggest news in Idaho.

Now, Gov. Little is in the national spotlight with the signage of three “controversial” bills he signed into law today.

First, he signed HB 500 which bans biological boys from participating in girl’s sports.

HB 500, sponsored by Representative Barbara Ehardt (Republican – District 33) was panned by critics as unnecessary in the state of Idaho.

Idaho is the first state in the country to enact such legislation.

In recent years, other states have been dealing with lawsuits from biological girls who are losing championships and scholarships to biological boys. For instance, a number of girls in the state of Connecticut, not exactly a conservative bastion, have filed a lawsuit against their school district for biological boys being allowed to compete in girl’s sports.

Thankfully, Rep. Ehardt didn’t want to wait until it became an issue in Idaho.

Boys are biologically stronger and faster than women in a number of sports.

Specifically, men would hold all speed and weight records for sports like track and field and weightlifting if allowed to compete. 

On a world level, there isn’t one record held by women.

So, why should biological men be allowed to compete in these sports even with hormone blockers?

We have already seen in other countries and states the devastating impact men taking over women’s sports has had.

Where are the feminists who are standing up for girls on this issue?

The 2nd bill Gov. Little signed was HB 509 which prohibits certain changes to birth certificates.

HB 509 is sponsored by Representative Julianne Young (Republican – District 31).

The bill requires that birth certificates in Idaho keep their material facts as recorded at birth.

At present, birth certificate alterations are occurring in Idaho. Individuals are allowed to compel the state registrar of vital statistics to alter a certificate of live birth based on their opinion about their “gender identity.”

An individual’s sex is not determined by their opinions or mental state. It is a matter of genetic and biological characteristics, which cannot be altered by an individual’s desires.

A law that requires the state registrar to act as if this were not the case is to create an official document based on preferences, not facts.

Allowing such alterations undercuts the fundamental purpose of maintaining records of vital statistics by allowing one of the most vital of these records to be dishonestly altered, in direct violation of scientifically verifiable reality.

An individual’s sex is one of the most essential and relevant medical data points, and distorting this point will undermine public health and other data-driven analytical efforts.

For instance, the height, weight, and sex of a child are considered “material facts” and would not be allowed to be changed.

Both HB 509 and HB 500 are expected to face legal challenges.

Finally, Gov. Little also signed HB 440 which prohibits state agencies from using “Affirmative Action” style hiring policies. 

HB 440 was sponsored by Rep. Heather Scott (Republican – Dist. 1).

Affirmative Action has long been opposed by conservatives.

Sadly, leftists believe that discrimination is a requirement to counter previous discrimination issues.

However, conservatives made it clear to Gov. Little that they didn’t want taxpayer dollars being used to discriminate in state agency hiring practices.

It was unclear if Gov. Little was going to sign the bills because today was the deadline. Additionally, he was receiving tremendous pressure from outside forces and leftists to veto the bills.

Recently, Gov. Little made some remarks at a press conference which seemed to indicate possible hesitation in signing some of these bills.

We want to thank Gov. Little for helping beat back the progressive agenda in Idaho.

If we want to keep Idaho free, it’s going to take Idaho’s legislature staying ahead of the progressive agenda.

Be sure to go to and sign up for our newsletter today.

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Idaho Primary Election Done by Absentee Ballot Only This Year Tue, 31 Mar 2020 04:03:24 +0000 From KTVB, a stunning development in the Idaho Primary election process.

BOISE, Idaho — Idaho’s primary election will still be held on Tuesday, May 19 but now all voting will be done by mail, the state announced on Monday afternoon.

Officials said the change for mail-in voting was done out of concerns of the growing coronavirus pandemic. They made the decision after it was obvious that the state could not get polling places and poll workers for the election.

“We are trying to eliminate the physical gathering of people,” Chief Deputy Secretary of State Chad Houck said.

Gov. Brad Little and the Secretary of State Lawrence Denney will work with every county to streamline the absentee voting process.

Doing the election by all absentee will more than likely delay when results will be available.

“We’re looking at that delayed anywhere from one to two weeks at this point,” Houck said. “Because of the way we’re going to have to process this election.”

The state will more than likely change when the ballot needs to be the respective county clerk’s office. Normally, a ballot must be in by 8:00 p.m. local time or when the polls close. However, since no polls will be opening that day, there will be no polls closing deadline. ”

See more here.

If you want to vote this is going to be your only way. Be sure to get an absentee ballot here:

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Are Gun Stores Closed Under Little’s “Stay At Home” Order? Wed, 25 Mar 2020 23:16:54 +0000 Are gun stores considered “essential” under Gov. Little’s “stay at home” order?

That is a question many gun owners had after Little’s order earlier today.

So, what is the truth about whether they are essential or not?

After a call to Gov. Little’s office, they confirmed that gun stores are considered “essential.”

Within minutes of Gov. Little’s order to close all “non-essential” businesses, gun owners started asking about gun stores.

Of course, the leftists in the state are sure to mock gun owners for insisting that gun shops remain open.

To them, your safety and protection from criminals isn’t a necessity and they rather enjoy mocking gun owners for having a gun for protection.

In Idaho though, many consider the ability to carry a firearm and protect their family as the most essential right we have.

Thankfully, Gov. Little’s Policy Advisor on 2nd Amendment issues, Louis Hougard, confirmed that gun stores would be essential.

This will come as welcome news to Idaho’s gun owners.

I had fielded numerous messages and comments about the issue.

Additionally, I have spoken with a number of gun stores who also wondered about the order.

Mr. Hougard told me more information will be available soon. The official Idaho coronavirus website will have a document that will specify that gun stores were essential.

Idaho Code 46-1008 specifically prohibits such restrictions under an “emergency” clause.

For gun store owners, my recommendation would be to wait until you have that document in hand before making official decisions.

UPDATE: Below is a screenshot of the guideline listing “Firearms Businesses” as essential.

You can view the full document here.


Greg Pruett
Idaho Second Amendment Alliance

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Gov. Little Announces Statewide State at Home Order, Activates National Guard Wed, 25 Mar 2020 20:01:42 +0000 On Tuesday afternoon, Gov. Little posted a teaser about an announcement from Gowen Field to take place on Wednesday.

Speculation ran wild about what Gov. Little intended to announce.

Gown Field is where the state emergency broadcast system is and where the Idaho Army National Guard is headquartered.

Idahoans waited anxiously to see what he intended to announce. Then the announcement came.

Gov. Little has announced a statewide “stay-at-home” order for Idaho for 21 days.

Sadly, Gov. Little decided he is going to force the closure of “non-essential” businesses.

He also intends to use the Idaho Army National Guard in some fashion although details were not made clear.

Little was also asked if the threat of force would be used to enforce compliance. His answer was vague and he told the press it wasn’t his “goal” to arrest people.

Additionally, Little was asked about concerns of small businesses and those living paycheck to paycheck.

Little had no comforting answer to the concern.

He even admitted that there are likely businesses that will close permanently because of the order.

Now, the poor in the state and those businesses who are already struggling have no idea what their future holds.

Do gun stores count as “essential” businesses?

We know this will be a major question gun owners have with this new order. However, this issue was not discussed at the press conference.

With President Trump discussing ways to re-open the economy, Gov. Little has decided that it was time to shut Idaho’s economy down.

Little also denied that his order had anything to do with national media influence.

Recently, radical leftist Rachel Maddow attacked Gov. Little for his response to the Chinese Coronavirus. However, Little denied that he was influenced by anything other than the experts he talks to on the issue.

It remains to be seen how Idahoans will react to being forced to stay at home by their government.

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Reclaim Idaho Throws in The Towel on Ballot Initiative to Raise Taxes! Tue, 24 Mar 2020 15:45:53 +0000 The coronavirus has changed a lot in our country.

In particular, with campaign season in full force, candidates for public office are changing their strategies.

“Social distancing” is requiring candidates to reconsider a door-to-door strategy and meet and greets.

Additionally, for one political organization, the virus became too much.

Reclaim Idaho, a progressive group dedicated to turning Idaho into the next California has thrown in the towel on their latest ballot initiative.

The newest ballot initiative effort by Reclaim was going to raise taxes on Idaho businesses and those they deemed “wealthy.” Remember, this is the same group that pushed costly Medicaid Expansion on Idahoans.

Now, the coronavirus has decimated its strategy.

Because people are distancing themselves from each other, gathering signatures became difficult.

As time went on, and public events shut down, Reclaim’s ability to gather large amounts of signatures in a short amount of time became obsolete.

Their ability to gather signatures at libraries, schools, and other public locations is gone. Door-to-door campaigning is also not feasible.

So, after months of gathering signatures for their initiative, they had to call it quits.

If there is a “silver lining” from the coronavirus, this would be it.

Idaho doesn’t need more radical progressive ballot initiatives. Sadly, this is not the last we will see of Reclaim Idaho.

We anticipate they will be back again next year.

Idahoans better wake up soon and demand a repeal of the ballot initiative process or it will do to us what it has done to California.

California, Oregon, and other western states have been decimated by the initiative process. Truthfully, progressives have found it the best tool for transforming Idaho into a socialist state.

Now, they have turned their sites on Idaho.

The question is, how much longer do we have? Do we have five years, ten years, twenty years or something time in between?

For now, Idahoans have been spared another massive tax hike. However, Reclaim Idaho is not going to give up.

They will be regrouping and strategizing for the best path to enact their failed socialist policies in Idaho. In the political arena, victory belongs to those that show up.

Will you help keep Idaho free?

Sign up to receive our newsletter and action items alert right away.


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Media Silent on Idaho Democrat Wishing Death on GOP Tue, 17 Mar 2020 15:51:09 +0000 You can’t turn on the radio or watch the news without coronavirus being mentioned.

There are calls for unity from across the world as we face uncertain times.

Even Gov. Cuomo and President Trump appear to be working together.

However, in Idaho, that sense of unity seems to be rather elusive.

In a now-deleted Tweet, Rep. John McCrostie (Democrat – Boise) joked about the death of Idaho GOP legislators.


McCrostie, who once stole campaign material from one of his opponents, was responding to guidelines that people shouldn’t gather in groups of more than 50. The GOP caucus is made up of 56 Representatives.

Additionally, many of the Idaho GOP caucus members are 60-years-old and older. The age at which the coronavirus is more deadly is anyone over 60-years-old.

In other words, McCrostie knew that the age of many of the Idaho GOP caucus members is 60 or older and that there were more than 50 of them.

While some jokes about coronavirus may be funny, this one is not.

However, the real frustration from this insensitive joke is the lack of response from the far-left media.

Of course, conservatives are used to the biased media ignoring idiocy from the left.

Imagine if President Trump or even one of Idaho’s GOP Representatives had made this joke!

It would have been nationwide or statewide news.

The leftist media never lets a good crisis go to waste. They jump at every opportunity to attack a GOP Representative.

But a Democrat lawmaker joking about the GOP caucus dying from coronavirus?

Sadly, not a blip from Idaho’s leftist media.

Since Idaho’s media won’t cover the issue, we’ll do it for them.



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Will Governor Little Bail Out Radical Leftists? Tue, 17 Mar 2020 02:00:59 +0000 When one hears the name “Reclaim Idaho” images of bread lines, green buses and massive government spending come to mind.

Normally they’re so focused on bypassing our duly elected legislature and working with Idaho’s liberal media outlets to transform the Gem State into a socialist’s dream.

However, Reclaim is now seeking to circumvent our election and initiative process as well.

We cannot allow this to happen.

Recently Reclaim Idaho started a new signature drive with the ultimate goal of getting an initiative on the ballot in November.

The initiative would place a heavy tax on Idaho businesses in an effort to pour truckloads of tax dollars into the education system even though their initiative doesn’t do anything to address the failed curriculum. How many times have we just thrown money at a problem without a plan?

How has that worked out?

If Reclaim Idaho fails to get the required 6% of registered voters in 18 of Idaho’s 35 legislative districts by April 10th, an incredibly low bar, their attempt to massively grow government through increased taxes will be dead in the water, at least for this year.

In an apparent act of desperation and a clear sign that they are far from their goal, Reclaim Idaho is seizing on the fear of COVID-19 and begging Governor Little to throw them a lifeline.

Reclaim Idaho hopes Governor Little will circumvent our election laws and allow them to collect online petitions instead.

But there’s a hitch in their giddy-up: to do so would violate the entire intent of Idaho’s imitative law.

Idaho Statute 34-1807 lays out how petitions and signatures for an initiative must be gathered including verifying that the person collecting signatures is an Idahoan and at least 18 years of age.

This prevents out of staters from say California from radically changing Idaho.

The concept is simple, Idaho initiatives should be from Idaho citizens. An online petition would inevitably mean out of state individuals would be pushing the petition link as well.

Reclaim Idaho doesn’t seem concerned, after all, they received $500,000 from the Fairness Project, a national progressive group out of Washington D.C., to help promote expanding Medicaid in 2018. Another problem is that Idaho Statute requires the petition to be signed in the presence of the petition gatherer which again protects the integrity of the whole process.

However, an online petition would make that absolutely impossible.

At a time where Idahoans are watching our 401ks tank and our property taxes are going through the roof, we cannot afford what Reclaim Idaho is selling.

During a national emergency, Idahoans must resist any attempts by progressives to circumvent the law.

Unless Governor Little tosses our election laws to the curb, this request should be dumped in the political gutter of terrible ideas.

Contact Governor Little and tell him to preserve the integrity of the petition process and reject Reclaim Idaho’s request for a bailout.

Phone: 208-334-2100

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Red Flag Rod Draws Primary Opponent, George Judd Thu, 12 Mar 2020 22:29:43 +0000 Rep. Rod Furniss (Republican – District 35 – Rigby) has been under fire recently for his inability to clearly define where he stands on gun confiscation in Idaho.

His initial response to a question left little doubt that he supported Red Flag laws.

A follow-up video didn’t really settle the matter either.

You can read our previous article on the issue here.

Red Flag Rod’s video demeaning gun owners across Idaho was the worst effort he made at clarifying his position.

To summarize, Rod initially makes Red Flag laws sound like a good thing. Then he says he opposes them. Finally, he says that gun owners who oppose them support the beating of women and children.

The gun owners in Idaho are not pleased with his decision to belittle 2nd Amendment advocates concerned with Red Flag laws.

However, not only are gun owners not pleased with Red Flag Rod’s response to the issue, but his political opponents are taking aim at his weakness on the issue as well.

Rep. Furniss has now drawn a political opponent for the May 19th Republican primary.

George Judd, Mayor of Lewisville, Idaho has filed to run against Red Flag Rod.

Judd is a U.S. veteran, husband, father, and grandfather.

We know many gun owners are going to be asking where Judd stands on the 2nd Amendment.

The Idaho Second Amendment Alliance will be conducting a candidate survey program in the coming weeks. Be on the lookout for who responds and who doesn’t!

In the meantime, Judd has made one post about Red Flag laws on his Facebook page.

You can see George Judd’s 2nd Amendment post using the link above or in the image below.

Sadly, Red Flag Rod is incapable of a simple and clear statement like this.

Rod insists that he wants to “see the bill” before he makes a decision.

Thankfully, not all legislators think the same way as Red Flag Rod. Over 20% of the Idaho legislature has already committed to opposing all forms of Red Flag laws.

However, that still leaves 80% that have refused to take a stand up until this point.

We now know at least that Rod’s opponent, George Judd, has committed to opposing Red Flag laws in Idaho.

With the primary season looming large over Idaho on May 19th, gun owners would be wise to get their candidates on record when it comes to Red Flag laws.

For now, voters in District 35 will have several people to choose from.

Gun owners have removed several legislators over the years who were weak on the 2nd Amendment.

Judd is a U.S. veteran, husband, father, and grandfather.



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Rigby Lawmaker Lashes Out at Idaho Gun Owners, Makes Several False Claims! Wed, 11 Mar 2020 21:24:52 +0000 It would appear that Rep. Rod Furniss (Republican – Rigby), better known as Red Flag Rod, is upset about being called out for his stance on Red Flag laws.

Not only has he continued his path of confusion on the issue, but he is also now lashing out at gun owners.

It isn’t every day that a sitting Idaho legislator, especially a “Republican” one, makes onerous claims against Idaho gun owners.

However, in a video posted yesterday, Rep. Furniss not only muddied the issue further but made numerous false claims, including a shocker at the end of the video.

At the beginning of the video, Red Flag Rod attempts to explain what a Red Flag law is.

Of course, he fails miserably to outline the entire process which we won’t address in this article.

He also undermines the dangers of Red Flag laws and why gun owners are so opposed to them. There are a number of serious constitutional concerns with Red Flag laws that Rod should probably not ignore.

Rod also says that gun owners use Red Flag laws to lean on “distrust of the government.”

Right, what could possibly go wrong with the government confiscating guns from gun owners red-flagged by their liberal neighbors?

Maybe Red Flag Rod can talk to the sheriff in Colorado who was “red-flagged” by an inmate!

Perhaps, Red Flag Rod can talk to the dead Maryland man who was “red-flagged” by a family member he had a spat with?

Or perhaps Rod can talk to the estimated 1/3rd of people who have been wrongfully red-flagged. Of course, he won’t do that because he doesn’t care.

Rod falsely assumes all people who are denied their constitutional rights are violent criminals.

Red Flag Rod says that gun owners took his words “out of context” which couldn’t be further from the truth.

You see, Rod was asked a very direct question about his support of Red Flag laws.

He only answered with two sentences.

The first sentence in his response to the questions of his Red Flag Support was “I support the concept.” How could that possibly be taken any other way than Rod supports the concept of Red Flag laws?

Rod follows that sentence up by saying, “I need to read the bill.”

Again, this would imply that Rod supports Red Flag laws but wants to see how it is written first.

Red Flag Rod wasn’t taken out of context. Perhaps he just doesn’t know how to read blatantly obvious questions.

Now, Rod is trying to claim that he meant to say he supported the concept of not supporting Red Flag laws.

However, that still means leaves the other sentence that he wants to read a bill first. This would imply he may support the issue if written correctly does it not?

You either support Red Flag laws or you don’t.

Rod was called out by other gun owners and you tell us if he opposes Red Flag laws based on this response:

Would Rod’s response to this question/comment tell you he opposes Red Flag laws?

If Rod really does oppose Red Flag laws, then he just doesn’t know how to type comprehensive responses.

That’s somewhat concerning given his status as a lawmaker.

Perhaps the biggest shock in the video is Red Flag Rod’s false slanderous attack on gun owners.

At the end of the video, Rod asserts that the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance and Idaho Freedom Foundation and their members support physical abuse against women and children.

He offers no evidence to support such a claim. There isn’t any of course and he knows it.

I saw my own mother get beaten by her 2nd husband firsthand as a child.

From that experience, I fully understand and have nothing but sympathy for those who go through such ordeals.

I also know that no law would have stopped her husband from doing what he did.

Nothing but a firearm of course which would have equalized her against his physical power.

Gun owners want to ensure that potential victims can defend themselves against their attackers.

This shameful lie about Idaho’s gun owners is unacceptable.

Rod owes Idaho’s gun owners a public apology for his lie.

We would encourage you to reach to him and demand he apologize for what he said.

You can reach Rep. Furniss at



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RINO Godfather VanderSloot Pushes Idaho Toward Socialized Medicine Tue, 10 Mar 2020 22:00:11 +0000 “Idaho is a conservative state” is probably the most oft-repeated lie heard in this state’s political circles. While it may have once been true, it is no longer even remotely accurate.

Nowhere is this sad reality more on display than in the Idaho Legislature, where dozens of anti-Liberty and anti-Freedom bills have sailed through in recent weeks. House Bill 515 is the quintessential example of this hard shift to the radical left.

It all started when the Republican-In-Name-Only (RINO) billionaire Frank VanderSloot decided to declare war on true conservatives across the state. Along with his dedicated henchman Gregory Graf, this cabal of meddlers started a fake organization (that’s really just a website run by Graf and a couple of other co-conspirators) deceitfully called “Idaho Conservatives” to print slanderous attacks against Idaho’s true conservatives.

VanderSloot also encouraged (and in some cases likely bankrolled) leftist radicals and gun grabbers (like Rod Furniss) to run primary challenges against true conservative legislators.

Among VanderSloot’s targets are conservative Republican donor (and former congressional candidate) Bryan Smith and conservative legislator Bryan Zollinger. Smith owns a law firm that helps medical providers collect their money from delinquent debtors who refuse to pay their bills. Zollinger works there.

VanderSloot hired a team of lobbyists to write a bill designed to put Smith and Zollinger out of business. The resulting legislation was one of the most overt attacks on the free market ever brought forward in the Idaho legislature.

Not only does it make small, independent medical provers wait months before they can even try to collect payment for the services they have rendered, but it also caps attorney fees so absurdly low that it is now basically impossible for medical providers to hire a decent attorney to help recover the money that they are owed.

In other words, patients can now run up massive medical debt, refuse to pay, and medical providers are left with essentially zero recourse.

Why would VanderSloot do this? Aside from his irrational hatred of Smith and Zollinger, that is. The direct impact of HB 515 will be to push Idaho toward the adoption of socialized (or “single-payer”) healthcare. Now that medical providers have been stripped of their ability to collect from delinquent debtors, they will increasingly face massive financial losses and the prospect of eventual bankruptcy.

As tens of thousands of socialist Bernie Bros discover that they can receive thousands of dollars in medical services and then skip out on the bill, desperate healthcare providers will seek relief from the state. If the socialists won’t pay their bills, who will?

Imagine if this same standard was applied to babysitters, plumbers, electricians, and web designers. Imagine being forced to wait months to get paid and denied access to a decent attorney when a client refused to pay their bill.

The worst part of this story is that the “Republicans” in the Idaho Legislature overwhelmingly voted in favor of this blatant attack on the free market. The vote in the House was 49-20 and, in the Senate, it was an even more depressing 32-1. Only a single State Senator — Sen. Steve Vick (R-Dalton Gardens) — had the courage to stand up to VanderSloot’s war on the free market.

Ironically, even the liberal-rag known as the “Idaho Statesman” published a piece from their Opinion Editor, Scott McIntosh, praising Vander Sloot’s ability to get a liberal bill through the Idaho legislature.


So here we have Idaho, once a bastion of conservatism, being driven to the left by the agenda of a billionaire RINO whose personal vendettas are impelling the legislature to adopt socialist policies. And almost no one is fighting back!

Will Idahoans hold their legislators accountable and fire those who sold their souls to avoid the wrath of Idaho’s vengeful RINO Godfather? Or will the socialist goals of Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren find fertile ground in Idaho thanks to Gregory Graf and his malicious campaign of deception and disinformation?

Idaho is at a critical juncture, and if we do not fight back against these evildoers, we will lose our state to the treachery of the radical left. There is no time to wait! We must defeat these enemies of Liberty. We must Keep Idaho Free!

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Idaho “Republican” Lawmaker Upset People Don’t Like His Liberal Voting Record Sat, 07 Mar 2020 23:43:47 +0000 We are all pretty familiar with the term RINO.

A RINO describes someone who says they are a Republican, but votes or supports ideas that better align with the Democrat party.

In Idaho, we have a number of legislators who would probably fall into this category.

One of them. Representative Jerald Raymond (Republican – Menan) may reign as RINO supreme in the Idaho House.

The guy might even make some Democrats look conservative.

Raymond is in his first term as an Idaho legislator. Generally speaking, the first term is when most Idaho Republican legislators try to be actual conservatives.

They want to prove themselves to their constituents and uphold their campaign promises of “limited government.”

However, Raymond wasted little time in working his way to the bottom of the Idaho Freedom Index rankings.

The rankings are put out by the Idaho Freedom Foundation and help citizens understand if the bills their legislators are voting for increase or decrease the size of government.

Last year, Rep. Raymond earned himself a 64% on the Freedom Index. That means that he voted for bigger government 36% of the time.

For those who haven’t been in school lately, that’s a D.

While this year’s rankings are not complete, Raymond’s score now stands at a paltry 48%.

An “F” grade which also means he votes for big government over half of the time he votes!

Remember, this is a “Republican” who is actually voting worse than some Democrats! 

When you look at the list of Idaho’s House Members, the first Republican bundled with the Democrats is Raymond.


Is this what the Republicans in District 35 sent RINO Ray to do? Apparently, he isn’t happy about his record being called out by his constituents.

As is typical of a politician who doesn’t like accountability, Raymond is lashing out at his critics.

He sent an email out to his followers. You can see part of the email here:

The sad thing is, RINO Ray is attempting to blame his pathetic voting record on outside forces.

However, no one is forcing Raymond to vote for big government. No one is there hitting the “Green Light” to vote like a Democrat.

He is doing that all on his own.

Increase spending? Check. Increase Federal regulations in Idaho? Check. Using your tax dollars to subsidize a private railroad? Check.

There doesn’t seem to be a  big government vote that RINO Ray isn’t willing to cast.

Perhaps Rep. Raymond is getting nervous because he is being challenged by former Representative Karey Hanks for his seat.

As a comparison, let’s take a look at Karey Hank’s scores during her time in the legislature.

In 2018, Karey had a 96.7% score. In 2017, she had a 97.7%

That means that in most of the votes Karey Hanks took as a legislator, she voted to limit government power, not increase it.

Isn’t that what most Republican legislators say they will do on the campaign trail?

However, it appears one of these individuals actually practiced that promise as a legislator and one of them is not.

The voters in District 35 will have a major choice before them in May for the Republican primary. Do you want more or less government in your lives?

Raymond has several weeks before the legislative session is over.

Then he’ll be hitting the campaign trail and telling the citizens of District 35 how conservative he is. Will his constituents buy the rhetoric?

Sadly, RINO Raymond’s campaign website is missing in action, just like his voting record as a conservative.


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Satanists Descend on Washington Capitol – Christians Counter with Prayer Sat, 07 Mar 2020 16:00:29 +0000 The state of Washington seems to have taken a very dramatic turn for the worst in recent years.

Republicans held off some of the really bad stuff for a number of years even when Democrats held a narrow majority.

However, once the radical left took over the statehouse in Olympia, the state saw a dramatic increase in government regulations.

Gun rights are under attack. Spending is increasing. Additionally, environmental regulations are being shoved down the throats of Washingtonians.

The battle between good and evil is in full stride.

That battle was on full display yesterday as a Satanic Cult “cast a spell” inside of the Washington state capitol.

Sadly, with permission from the Washington state government, the group was allowed to perform their “ritual” on the statehouse.

This is no joke.

Our friends in Washington state are under attack from every direction you can possibly imagine. Is there anyone who will fight back?

Thankfully, some Christians who were also in the area offered a prayer for the state of Washington and against the evil these people are trying to thrust onto the state.

You can see the Christians in the image below surrounding the Satanists. They sang and prayed against the Satanists.

Good for them in standing up against this evil.

This scene seems like something out of a movie, not something that would take place on the grounds of a state capitol.

Will we see this kind of activity in Idaho’s capitol someday?

Unfortunately, there is no telling what Idaho’s future holds.

What we do know is that if you don’t stand up for what’s right, eventually we will lose our beautiful state.

If you saw a group of Satanists “casting a spell” on Idaho’s capitol grounds what would you do?

Let us know in the comments below.



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Hearing in Senate Soon for Idaho Bill Banning Boys from Girls Sports! Sat, 07 Mar 2020 04:31:47 +0000 It’s been a whirlwind of a legislative session in Idaho.

A number of hot-button issues have come before the legislature.

One of those issues deals with transgender problems facing the country today.

Three different bills have been proposed this year. Two of them are still working their way through the legislature.

HB 500, which would ban boys from girls sports, has a hearing in the Idaho Senate State Affairs Committee on Monday, March 9th.

You can expect another packed house as the LGBT community tries to shut the bill down.

If you want to send an email in support of the bill, you can email the entire Senate State Affairs Committee at

Recently, a female who competes as a boy on the U.S. Triathlon team, visited Boise to lead a protest against the bill.

Chris Mosier is sponsored by Nike and said Idaho’s HB 500 is the worst in the country.

Of course, Chris probably hasn’t stood face to face with the girls in Connecticut who have lost championships because of two boys who beat them. Nor has Chris probably stood face to face with women who are losing weightlifting championships because of men.

The problem of boys competing as girls and dominating their sports is a growing trend. 

Many of the people who testified against the HB 500 said it isn’t a problem in Idaho.

That’s kind of the goal with a bill like HB 500. We don’t want to wait until we have a problem in Idaho before we act.

Rep. Ehardt, the bill’s sponsor, on the House floor several weeks ago talked about an issue in Idaho that almost did become a problem.

She mentioned that a high school boy wanted to compete on the girl’s team but ended up changing his mind.

What if that boy had decided to play on the girl’s team? It will only take one case for Idahoans to be upset that something didn’t happen before it becomes a problem.

With Governor Little being wishy-washy on the issue, it’s important that you speak out now if you want this to pass.

That starts with an email to the Senate State Affairs Committee right away!

Then, if you can attend the hearing on Monday morning, be sure to get there and show your support.

The hearing will start bright and early on Monday morning at 8:00 a.m. in West Wing Room 55.




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University of Idaho Students Stage Sit-In at Starbucks, Demand Vegan “Milk” Be Cheaper! Mon, 02 Mar 2020 23:29:37 +0000 Colleges across the country continue a rapid path of radical leftism.

This process has been years in the making and it’s only getting worse.

Self-entitled, spoiled, and misguided students continue to demand socialism/communism in America. They feel that they can demand from private companies complete capitulation to their demands.

So, it’s no wonder that this next story out of Idaho is not surprising.

Students at the University of Idaho staged a sit-in at a local Starbucks and demanded that the chain stop charging more for plant-based “milk” in their coffee.

Yes, a bunch of whiny college kids want to force a private company to charge less for a product that costs more to make.

Perhaps these kids failed Econ 101 and should take a remedial course. If you have to pay more money to make a product, that extra cost is going to be paid for by the consumer.

So, if you don’t like it, you can open your own coffee shop.

You can then charge the same price as animal-based actual milk.

However, this reality wasn’t enough for some students at the University of Idaho.

Backed by PETA, the U of I students protested at a local Starbucks according to Campus Reform.

Sadly, some companies have been capitulating to the radical left.

Rather than basing their prices on standard and logical economic practices, they are bowing to the leftist mafia.

Time will tell if Starbucks, not exactly your conservative-based business, will also capitulate.

In the meantime, we’ll wait for these spoiled-brats to open their own store. Odds are we’ll all be dead before that happens.



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The Question Remains: Where Does Rep. Thyra Stevenson Live? Thu, 27 Feb 2020 14:37:03 +0000 Rep. Thyra Stevenson, R-Somewhere, has mastered the art of political speech.

Career politicians usually do.

Earlier this week, Keep Idaho Free posed a simple question to Stevenson: Where do you live?

Stevenson delivered a carefully crafted non-answer that provides exactly zero clues about her living arrangements.

For context, let’s review the matter. Evidence is piling up and calling into question her residency. Sitting Idaho lawmakers are required by the state constitution to live in their respective districts, and candidates must live in-district for a full year prior to an election.

Does Stevenson, running for yet another term in the Idaho House, meet those requirements?

A white pages listing suggests Stevenson resides in Asotin, Washington, even though she represents District 6 in the Statehouse. A call to her landline number listed in the white pages revealed Stevenson has lived or is living at the Washington address.

Meanwhile, her home in Nezperce sits vacant as she prepares to sell the property.

Yet, Stevenson hasn’t said where she is living.

In a Facebook message posted to her page Wednesday evening, Stevenson gave the best non-answer she could muster. Here’s the message in full:

“I am proud to represent the people of District 6. Contrary to the vicious primary campaign ads paid for by people outside District 6 that are currently running against me, I have not left this beautiful corner of Idaho. I call it home. The ads exhibit the lowest form of civil discourse. I pledge to the citizens of District 6 that I will never engage in this type of campaigning. I am here to work for you and focus on issues, not character assassination.

I am in negotiations to sell my current home in Nezperce because I am downsizing after the loss of my husband of 41 years. This home is my primary residence. If I complete the sale and settle in a different location in District 6 I will update my official address. Until then, I am dealing with the incredible upheaval in my life.”

Here are a few Keep Idaho Free responses to Stevenson’s non-answer:

Why didn’t she explain where she lives? It would have been very easy for her to type that she doesn’t live in Washington, yet she didn’t. Why?

Stevenson claims her Nezperce home is her primary residence. But, the home is emptier (see images below) than a career politician’s campaign promises. There’s no furniture, no food — nothing. How is she living in a vacant home? Does she expect constituents to believe she’s living in a completely empty house or is she using the legal term primary residence in a way to not answer where she’s living?

Stevenson suggests that Keep Idaho Free launched a vicious attack on her. That’s false. There’s nothing vicious about protecting the people of District 6. The rule of law matters or it doesn’t. We side with protecting that rule of law.

If Stevenson can’t answer a simple question about her residency, the Idaho Republican Party and the secretary of state should investigate the lawmaker’s living arrangements. The voters of District 6 deserve proper representation and there’s no proof they are getting it right now.

Does she sleep Japanese-style on the floor here?

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